In what way do you play your 2-drop as player 1?


So guys, just curious, but in what orientation does everyone play their 2-drop? On the top or the bottom? Or do you play other things? I talked about this in the discord but I thought this might be interesting to talk about here as well.


Don’t enjoy being player 1 at times but I usually play it top I think


Depends on what I have in my hand and which deck. But usually its bottom-right or just below my general since I prefer trying to pin down the opponent’s general along the top side of the board.


Depends of course. Top and bottom is effectively the same of course.
Lower-right for ‘normal’ 2-drops.
Middle for obelysk, battle pets (e.g. Pax, Ooz) or flashed 4-drop.
Top-left (or top before moving) for passive minions (e.g. Kujata, Abyssal Crawler) or ranged minions. Note sometimes still put lower-right for option to get mana tile (e.g. when hand full of 4-drops; no 2 or 3-drops).
Directly behind. When once upon a time Pyromancer was a thing. :slight_smile:
Then you have the others. Walls, double/ tripple flash, artifacts, double 1-drops, airdrop, tusk boar and (wasting) damage spells.
Or nothing because you have no good play :expressionless:.

Duelyst, nice and complicated for first turn. Even more complicated for player 2 :smile:


I guess I play vet to much I play my battle pet either top or bottom cause you know it’s pax… Hate that middle battle pet stuff cause I’ve been playing a lot of creature less decks and that free mana tile God I hate it so.


I used a strawpoll since there were people on the discord voting too.


Hey, very good reason indeed !
Thanks for enlighting me, gonna edit :wink:


I would actually like to see a concensus on what is good on the following turn like if they play two 2 drops how do you respond or if they play a 2 drop and kill your two drop how do you respond properly to that etc…


Frigid Corona and Beamshock are 2 of my favorite turn 1 plays.


I usually make a raindance before mulligan to ensure that i get a 2-drop. If i still haven’t got one i sacrifice one of my black sheep to ctullhu with my ritual keyboard before replacing. Then i hop in circles for 3 times and finally throw a 2-sided dice to decide whether i place it above or below me.

Other than that i usually always place them below me, unless its stuff like Pax, Obelysks or alternative plays.


If I have a valuable 4-drop waiting in hand, then I’d play a 2 drop, depending on their opening gambit or special ability. For example as a vanar, I always don’t wanna waste Icy’s Stun or Hearthsister’s unique ability for the 1st turn. If there’s no 4 drop that is worth fighting for the mana tiles, then it’s better to just skip the turn and wait :slight_smile: no prob


It depends on your deck, right? Occasionally, I would still play whatever 2-drop I have to contest the board, if not the mana tile. Falling behind of board in the early game may lead to a loss, if the deck is not equipped to recover the board somehow.


Bottom right. You’d have to be pretty new to the game to commit the fallacy of playing it top right.


I think the real question here is “Who do you heal with your Healing Mystic when friendly is damaged?”[poll max=20 public=true]

  • Heal Self
  • Heal Opposing General
  • Heal Nothing


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