In need of assistance (again)


Um, so, I’ve built what I’ve thought to be a good deck, but the games lost disprove that. could anybody recommend some edits to this deck?

(also for some reason the general pic is messed up it’s fine)


Right click > copy on image in imgur, open new forum message, right click > paste

And voilà :slight_smile:

Also you should file it under Magmar dedicated forum to get maybe more answers, should be better than general decklist one.



It looks like you are going for a grow deck, which is quite a weak archtype due to the fact that the bodies are bad and dispell destroys it, but if you can swarm with godhammer and moloki then it can be a fun meme. In general, reduce the number of cards that you have 1 of in the deck for better consistancy, although if you only have 1 moloki huntress then there isn’t much you can do. As a prioity i would reccomend getting 3 makantor warbeasts as soon as you can, it is probably the best 6 mana minion in the game and is a 3 of in basically all magmar decks.


the idea of meloki huntress and god hammer doesn’t work unless you have x3 copies of both cards - consistency. You would rather play Starhorn if you want to play godhammer, because Vaath’s BBS in anti synergy with godhammer, when you want Vaath to keep hitting face every chance you get.
The deck also needs card draw, like blaze hound, mogwai, sojonour, l’kian, spelljammer, tectonic spikes. I recommend either tectonic spikes or spelljammer. Sojo has too little attack, anti natural and plasma synergy.
Deck lacks AOE, needs more than 1 plasma. Dampening Wave is not that good a removal spell, use Thumping Wave

If you’re on a budget, this should work well in Bronze and low Silver


Doesn’t everything work well in Bronze and Low Silver? :slight_smile:

@OP Grow decks need 3 Godhammers and 3 Moloki Huntresses. And the high amount of 1 ofs hurt the deck’s consistency. Your deck has a plan what it wants to do but to follow that plan you need to know with (some degree of) certainty what cards you will draw and that you don’t know with your deck.


I’ve never tried making a grow deck but I came up against a Lilithe in Rift that was running Godhammer and it was surprisingly effective. I wonder if a swarmy deck would work better. I wish Zoochz was still around :sob:


Ok. SO your deck is “apparently” not “meta” enough for ladder or competitive. No offence. Yes, we love a picture of Vaath smiling, but your deck needs a bit of work. SO here’s my daily dose of reality for you(K-2S0 style), there is not enough removal, too much healing, and not enough spells. Sorry.

Here’s the link:
I’ll explain my card choices, this may take a while.
Amplification: Chances are, your grow minions will get damaged during your opponent’s vain attempts to destroy them, so why not make it harder and give 'em a health boost with some extra ATK.
Godhammer: 1 is not enough. 3 is too much. Fun Fact #1: Godhammer, when more than one is equipped, you minions get grow:+1/+1 multiplied by the amount equipped. Fun Fact #2: People will try hard to insta-kill the minions you summon while you have godhammer equipped, so there is a guarantee of their general taking some extra damage.
Greater Fortitude: So your grow minions don’t die instantly.
Cascading Rebirth: Fun Fact: Use it on a 5-drop(dispelled Kolossus), and it’ll guarantee you a Mankator Warbeast, because it’s the only six-drop in Magmar. Otherwise, use it on any dispelled-expensive minions.
Diretide Frenzy: “Oh look, a 25 ATK Kolossus nearby my general! Good thing I have a provoke minion nearby…” uses Diretide Fenzy “NOOOOOOOOO”. You get where I’m coming from, right?
Entropic Gaze: Card Draw.
Natural selection: Chances are, you’ll have a bunch of high ATK, so why not some easy 2-drop removal, hmm?
Earth Sphere: “I’m lethal! I’m lethal!” earth sphere "…"
Egg Morph: Much more specialized removal.
Thumping Wave: Removal, or a go in for the lethal.
Plasma Storm: “AAAAYYYY, Sirroco!” Plasma Storm "CAN U STOP RUINING MY EPIC MOMENTS!?"
Gro: Because gro.
Phalanxar: It’s Phalanxar, insta 6 damage. gg
Rancour: First one will die, always. So keep a backup. You can substitute a primordial gazer for twin fang for maximum damage.
Earth Walker: Why not? Something you can use on turn one.
(Note: Swap out Earth Walker (x2) and Threax for 3x Sunsteel Defender. Because Sunsteel Defender OP)
Moloki Huntress: If it isn’t obvious enough it’s a GROW DECK. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD
Primoridal Gazer: Greater fortitude substitute as well as a 2/2 body to hit something.
Threax: (Note: swap out whatever you want for a cryptographer for maximum effect) who don’t want a +1 ATK on everything for a BBS?
Grimrock: They’ll hate us now…
Kolossus: Ok, they loath us…
Veteran Slithar:8+ damage if left alone.

ENjoy, and leave any ideas for improvement below.


Err, it’s not, it’s even part of disapointment in my dedicated Cascamar deck, when you see that Dreadnought spawning. It’s 50% chance.

Considering the amount of ping in current meta, I’ll dish Phalanxar, really crappy. If you really want 2-drop, better try 3xGro and 3xRancour to me (or Young Slithar).


oh. I didn’t know. I always got mankator warbeast. o well. I just put in phalanxar a s apart of the budget, and if they cant get rid of it, they take a game changing hit. Well, dreadnought is kinda useful? It’s legendary for a reasen, and this deck does have some eggs. Yeah. I need to catch up to the meta. No more phalanxar for now

Phalanxar be like: \ ( ;-; ) /


Dreadnought is not that useful, it is a 6 mana hailstone with rebith most of the time, but can be hilarious in a combo with juggernaut if it sticks (rebirth helps a lot for that) and if you get it out of cascading rebirth then it is good enough.


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