In love with Nemeton


And which is the coolest, pray tell?


Strategos, obviously.


Nah, nothing can beat the pleasure of seeing Sajj flying around and blasting everything like crazy.


Naahh noting can beat the scare in the eyes of the opponent when the ring of walls he just escaped from became eight emblas striding toward him


Nah, nothing can beat a Thumping Waved Thunderhorn with Rush and Frenzy :slight_smile:


Except that magmar have to die in agony, in a slow and painful way.


Nah, nothing can beat summoning 7/7 at 4 mana, and then producing 2 2/2 wraithlings with each BBS on top of buffing everything you summon by 1/1.

No, I haven’t said that.


Had some fun on stream with Oak yesterday:

Slowly making some small improvements.


I’ve never lost to kara nemeton; I have, however, lost a couple times to illena nemeton.

Illena pairs really well with backline minions, i.e. jax, circulus, drake dowager and malicious wisp. Pair that with walls and it gets really tricky.


I now run Myriad, and that goes nicely with Kara. What should I put in place of it if I change to Ilena? I don’t have Yggdra, by the way.


Sorry for being lazy to watch Vod, but how is Pandora working for you?


I disenchanted Shivers… Are they good?


Most would tell you both shiver and cryo are bad. But I love both of them, and they complement each other well in the right deck. They certainly do not fit everywhere, but they really shine here.

@alplod Pandora is pretty sollid and mixed with Kara it’s really hard to deal with plus can spawn a ton of different tokens for oak. It makes sense here, I won’t say it’s amazing, but it has served this deck well.


Also the Voracity guy is one hell of a card.


Pandora is the defensive version of jax, you get one tiken per turn and a good defensive body behind it (polarity decks can utilize it both ways btw).
So it reqlly depends on your play style and the nees in your deck.
I tend to play aggressive and creat tokens as i go in so pandora doesn’t suits me well the jax for me.


My latest version is running both.

Thats where I left off after the stream.


Looks great. I better start grinding.


This seems legit, i would however cut 1 pandora for embla - she’s way more traily.
Running both seems great, i would’ve done it but my plqystyle is diffrent when it comes to nemeton.


I choose to put Grandmaster at two A. because she is the slowest, and B. she is a touch redundant with gravity/luminous. However that being said she is certainly a powerhouse that can nearly complete a trial on her own so I am not confident she is what I want at two, but I do think my reasoning is sound.


I hear your reasoning.
However i feel like embla is a must in almoat every vanar deck due to her (almost) imidiate impact and damage potential i qlways run 3 in ramp lists
At 8 mana she is slow but you got ramp.

But i trust you know what suits you well.