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In love with Nemeton


I got my first Nemeton today and decided to give it a try. So far, it’s awesome. Definitely the second coolest Mythron. My win-rate is suffering, however, sitting at around the 45% mark. I’d like to take it up. Any quick deckbuilding tips and advice would be very appreciated. Thanks. :snowchaser:



I love Nemeton too. Best Trial really.

In my adventures I don’t go with 3x of the spells I choose, 2x provide more variety.
Kron has been a solid token generator for me.

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Illena > Kara

Voracity boi > Bonechill

Those are what immediately come to mind.

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I forgot to add; I’m poor. :disappointed_relieved:



A small loan of a million dollars



There is no excuse.

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it depends on your style of gameplay.

fast nemeton - go full cheap minions and proc nemeton on 6 mana if successful.
and heavy nemeton is where you play your game and aim for trail finish by embla.

my ideal nemeton is the heavy one.
i would include frostiva, and aotm, in early game you want to have less breakable minions, rescue rx is the best, bonechill is meh at best.

i’m carrying nemeton with frostiva, jax, locke + all kind of walls and embla, you need nothing more token wise, you do need tools to keep board in check and a back up wincon, and with embla reflection and wake are the best.
beside nemeton i include reflection or wake as wincons as well.



I tried Wake, but found myself replacing it every time. How often are you able to play it?



I disagree with this. Oak is just not consistent by nature, playing Ilena makes you to reliant on winning with Oak. Kara on the other hand can be a back up win condition. Playing Ilena may make the games you win easier, but I suspect it will open you up to loosing a lot of other matches harder. But I may be underestimating her ability to protect tokens.

With my limited experience with Oak I found running other pay off cards tends to be a waste. Either your deck is better off without oak being a proper wake or reflection deck, or you skip them to make oak consistent and use stuff like Karas BBs for alternative pay offs.

Here are my rough draft Oak decks that I never got around to publishing cus I just could not quite get happy with them:

Oak Pandora


Oak Elemental


Untested rough draft for an Ilena Variant:


Without Kara walls lose most of their pay offs plus they are semi redundant with grandmaster, so skipping those to make room for Ilenas kit.

Take my advice with a grain of salt, as I have not played a lot of it, as I sort of got frustrated with it and gave up. Either I was winning and it had nothing to do with oak, or I switched gears into Oak focus and it was underwhelming.



whenever i get it in hand and i’m in need for it, my nemeton deck is built like a wincon machine, whatever comes first usually is good enough.
sometimes i get wake as a wincon sometimes nemeton.
i had more then enough games with nemeton (surprisingly not in s) when i needed an alternative wincon due to nemeton not being complete.

my monster - every card here got in after alot of trails and errors (finished in s45 last month)



Thanks for the lists. And I should probably get Kron… Going to blow my War Exorcist saving funds.



And there it is.



Thanks for the list. By the way, why do you have so few 2 drops? No room for Jaxi or Circulus?



umm i don’t really need them, the nature of the deck (or my playstyle maybe), i’m focusing on playing defensive until i get a strong move (jax/ locke + something/ evil wisp/ etc… )/
the defensive position you take is preserving hand space (no need for draw until you go for lethal).
jaxi is ok yet i prefer stick with wisps ans stall until i get a good combo in hand.

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This is really weird, I have yet to see a known Vanar player to use Kara in their Nemetown and everyone else I have talked to has said Illena was just better.

I understand your point but most trials are designed in a way that you don’t need alt win-cons and Nemetown is no different.

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Yet people like to cram wake and similar in? Kara supports the gameplan without having to eat up slots and deviate. Kara+Luminous is all the win con you often need. Kara is complementary, splitting your focus between wake/oak feels like it makes both sides weaker. But without either kara or alt win cons your just left with inconsistency.

I play a ton of vanar, but I have not played a lot of oak, so perhaps I am ignorant.



That seems odd. So what happens when you don’t have anything to play T1? Do you just give up the mana tile?



nemeton is designed as a alt win-con itself (it capitalizes on your board of other playstyle to and “preserve” your win).

ilena is ok but her stun kit takes alot of deck space and limits your options (yggdra will get removed for sure) + her playstyle suited to control boards, and fast nemeton needs to rush board and push damage and pressure.



wake and oak goes together really, when you push embla you push tokens (2-4) of them, placing wake is just natural.



With the amount of dedication it takes to pull off Oak I just don’t see it as being a good back up plan, only as win more. If your already winning Oak is overkill, if your not Oak wont help. Win more often feels awesome as its big, flashy, and secures things without having to work for it, but IMO is a bad gameplan.

So IMO your either Oak or you are not. And most chose not since its just not quite up to par with the meta.