In-Game/Match Etiquette


Everyone’s different, so people interpret other people’s actions differently and view what in-game etiquette is. (Example being a previous post someone(s) who found tipping to be insulting or rude.)

What do you consider polite behavior?

What do you consider to be rude, insulting or disrespectful? What is the worst offense one can do?

Please provide the above in list format with any additional comments after, as this will make it easier for anyone who chooses to glance through the page in the future. (Out of game courtesy :slight_smile:)


The muah faie and the crying vaath are the emotes I see as rude, as well as people delaying lethal. At the same time, I would like for there to be more word emotes, like well played and oops, since those are the ones i use most.


I like:

  • GLHFs at the start of a match, Well Played at the end.
  • letting the winner pull off his cool lethal at the end instead of conceding when he obviously has it.
  • appreciative emotes. If the other guy is playing high-quality memes you gotta recognize it. If they heal you with turn 1 healing mystic, you give them kisses. I also tend to MagSad when somebody has just the right answer for a really important unit.
  • tipping for perfect-opening curbstomp victories and extra-close games.

I don’t like:

  • emote spam. repeated “zzz” faces while I’m engaged and thinking about my move is about the only thing that will make me mute you.
  • self-congratulatory emotes. doesn’t bother me much personally but if it’s obvious that you’re just laughing at the other guy’s misfortune that makes you a bit of a prick.


  • “?!” faces when I do something - it could have been a bonafide misplay. I could be setting up for lethal. :wink:
  • “BM” plays on the last turn. Maybe that double thumping wave tiger for 10 overkill damage completed a quest. It can also be an implicit way to “leave your cards on the table.” I do that all the time in physical card games.
  • unnecessary roping. it’s bad manners, sure, but ordinarily the other guy does this when he’s losing just to bug you. the timer will run out, and you can put another notch on your barrel.

makes me laugh and take screenshots to show to other people and mock:

  • adding me after the game to whinge and moan about how they should have won.


I try to always use the Sunglasses Fog or (if I have it for the particular general) the bow emote. Also, using Sunglasses Zi’Ran or Sajj in a mirror is always a cool way to give a nod to the opponent for respect about using another difficult to manage General. If I ever give in and craft the “Namaste” Snowchaser emoji (I am sitting on ~17000 spirit/dust atm;) I’ll probably use that more often.

In general, the only real BM I’ve taken issue with is slow-rolling kills. Different from “styling”- but still in the spirit of “had all these”; this tends to be when a player ropes, spams emotes, plays a bunch of things that don’t matter, and then finally kills. A bow or sunglasses, playing a card that doesn’t matter and then clenching it shouldn’t take the entire 90 seconds.

Also, I’ve never experienced insult-adds, with salty diatribes. I have added salty opponents and let them have their peace, but most of the community tends to take well to “ggwp :)” after a game


I spam that emote cause I can’t spam yugioh quotes to you in a actual chat. I spam the saji sunglasses cause “I make this look good” :sunglasses:


I’m that jerk that goes “muah” before wiping your entire board with Plasma Storm.

Also if I’m trying to deal overkill damage or wipe some minions before lethal it’s because I’ve got a daily to finish, not because I’m BMing.


nothing pisses me off more than “well played” before delivering lethal. i understand some people use it because it’s the closest thing the game has to “gg” but it doesn’t sound like the same thing. most people who say it when they win won’t when they lose and when a game was completely one-sided it can’t not come across as sarcastic.
just save the emotes and text for when something interestingly unique happens in game.


Crystalgears got the majority of stuff down but I got one more. It annoys me when someone says Hello as a reply from GLHF.

“Yeah, let my opponent know that I haven’t turned off emotes but I don’t want my opponent to fun. I want to make it as toxic as possible.”

Please just GLHF in return :roll_eyes:.


I either give no reply to GLHF or a simple ‘Hello’. I am not going to wish my opponent good luck because combined with my usual bad luck that means I might lose the game to that. I want him to have equally good/bad luck so the game is not completely one sided and the player winning is the one making the better decisions.


I just got matched with rude vaath player, he spams emote throughout the game, turn 2 chrysalis, into plasma storm, and then silithar elder, and then plasma storm again, he even add me mid-game (probably wants to make me more salty?)

But you know how it is with songhai, next turn I equip my second bloodrage, IF Chakri>MDS>Juxta>Blade and proceed to burst him down to the next match

Suddenly he becomes quiet and says that his turn bugged, saying that he can’t end his turn (Probably just BM roping, because he was clearly fine spawning minions and spamming emotes, so I don’t think it was the case of lag in which I replied that my turn was fine) after that he removes the friend request by himself.

Man, it feels good to punish retarded player like that :joy:


Depends :wink:


The only thing that has ever bugged me was when I played a match where the opponent spammed “Oops” almost every time I played something. That I might have missplayed the whole game was irritating enough to think about. :money_mouth_face:


I might have run into the same player, altough he added me first thing at the start of the match, didn´t accept though. Played also 2 chrysalis in early turns and spammed kissyface.

I was playing artifact Sajj and ended his life from 14 and won the game. He was sure of his win before my turn and spammed glhf & well played. Man it felt good to beat him.


Remember, if you click opponent Avatar, it will mute it and you won’t be bothered again :wink:


Yep I know that now. Didn’t at the time lol.
That was when I first started…a year ago I think.


There’s a turn two combo you can pull off semi-consistently that allows for 8-10 damage to face.


After playing against a few burn magmars you start to wonder whether they’re real people after all. I mean, the reason I usually say hello is because there are some people out there who I hope do not have fun. After playing against some cookie cutter vaath and faie decks, and the variax vending machine, there are some people I hope I will never have to see again.


That cost you cards though, and on High Diamond/S, you wouldn’t like it if you have card diaadvantage, It was 7 mana 20 out if hand damage with 6 cards, the combo that killed him


I use it to lure opponent to make mistakes when I really want to win. Never worked though



Wow, that must be really frustrating. Most people saying well played seem to generally mean it. Why assume the worst? You could read exactly the same into GG.

In general I think most of the emotes add a lot to the game and like it when the opponent is talkative. Only two things suck:

1: People getting some fluke RNG in their favour and then spamming emotes.
2: Silence the whole game, then tonnes of spam when they know they have lethal.