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In desperate need of a deck-doctor

Long story short, trying to make something outta Eyolith because, well, he looks cool and I have 3 copies.

My original list looked something like this and I was moderately successful with it (6/10 wins):

But after talking with Hsuku, he basically said the build guys and Eyolith in particular have no business in an aggro list like the one above, so I’ve been experimenting a little (and deranking quite a bit because of it) with a different play style… here’s what I’ve got so far (performance is about 2/10, probably because of the pilot more than anything, can’t play control for the life of me):


Dear lord, where do we begin?

  1. You have way too many 2 drops. The recommended 2 drop amount is 9 so having over half of your deck consisting of 2 drops is just ridiculous (unless you were playing aggro Faie).
  2. You don’t have enough win conditions. How are you supposed to win with this deck? All I see is an odd collection of mismatched cards with little clear objective other than having a bunch of 2 drop cards.
    I highly suggest you tech in some bloodbound mentors and cryptographers if you’re win-con is based around an unreachable, 2 damage per turn, Faie.
  3. You’re playing control wrong. Control consists of ways to reliably denying your enemy their winning strategy while building up for a late-game blowout. You have neither and it seems to me that you’re playing a burn (damage over time) deck rather than a control deck.
    If you really do want to try your hand at a more control oriented playstyle then I suggest you tech frostburn, hearth sister and/or enfeeble. Frostburn is an Aoe minion damage which helps when faced with overwhelming board disadvantage (or Abyssian I guess), hearth-sister helps you position minions and based on the board/your BBS can either help you clear out minions or ensure a lethal play.

TLDR; If you want to play Draugar then what you want to do is play a burn deck aiming to spam Faie’s Warbird either multiple times at once or simply doing damage over time. Draugar is meant to stall which is a pretty useful ability for any burn deck

Edit: I’d help test this, but I don’t have any Draugars so… yeah :man_shrugging:


I find eyolith good to manage positioning (which is a position manipulate card).

So i came up with a deck real quick that i think might be good.

Manipulate with mesmerize for fissure, and avalanche.
Then stall with eyolith so they wont be able to run away (pull them back with mesmerize into danger zone).
Or use luminous + razorback after eyolith and the general usually can’t run away far (takes min 8 dmg if set corrretly).

You can switch snowchasers for wild hunt for draw and for rescue for healing.

P.s this is my favorite take of control.
You can also use it for aggro which i think is meh becuase burn decks on 6 mana are 1 or 2 turns to finish.


Loading Deck Doctor Flygon 10% - still more Pokemon to play.

That right there looks amazing and I happen to love Fissure too!

I just took it outta my deck because everyone plays around it but with this combo it’d be very interesting to pull people in instead of having to wait for them to fall for it. Neat!

no it’s definitely because of the deck. draugar eyolith is the only actual threat it has. if it’s answered you have no possible way to win. embla, ghost seraphim, luminous charge and jax truesight are the usual mid-late game threat cards for vanar. even just slotting the thunderhorns and moonlit basilisks back in would be a marked improvement.

-1 fissure
-1->3 avalanche
-1 mesmerize
+2 embla +2-3 bloodbound mentor
or +3 mentor -snowchasers +cryptographers

Half the point of draugar is buying time to spam bbs at least from my experience testing in s last season


I don’t play it this way given that if you do decide to run eyo then you still play a control game on 6 mana.
Running burn list with eyo id not something i would prefer.
To actually get a full impact from mesmerize you need 3 for early draw + 3 fissure and 3 avalanche to basically control your damage output through the game.

I see eyo as a stall card for mesmerize and avalance and luminous.
You drop it and pull the enemy back into a fissure or avalance zone.

I would maybe include 3 embla for the late game and synergy with razorback however the dmg output is so big that you don’t even need embla.
Even though i didn’t test this list i would stand behind it as serving the perpuse.

As far as it go you don’t need to change a thing.

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So I’ve playing with snowshot’s list (with a few minor changes due to budgetary constraints) since yesterday and it’s incredibly satisfying to pull off a silly set up like double Fissure after Eyolith forced the enemy general to stand in the middle column, or releasing Avalanche while the enemy general is surrounded by Luminous Charge on my side of the field.

Performance is about 5/10 so far, but I’m still learning how to play the list. I’d say the biggest issue is the early game because your hand will usually be loaded with big dudes and spells at least 4/10 times and it can be a death sentence against Brome, Lil or Maehv, specially if you’re going second.

The list definitely has some serious potential to take me back to gold after I deranked, and maybe even beyond…

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Glad you like it:)
Gor the feel about your openers, once you did you will not have that many problems.

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