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Improving this - Sunforge Foundry


In particular, calling out @rhacker93 as one of the best Lyonar minds out there.

As my spreading of memes has been slowly showing, i’m slowly stabilizing and figuring out how to pilot this girl here.

Sunforge Foundry is a fairly straightforward Artifact Lyonar setup built around accelerating Radiant Standards to tutor monstrosities/auras, denying damage with Regalias and tactically suiciding on enemy finishers with Zir if things drags for too long. Spell selection consists in further assuring the keystones of this deck will be tutored and will stay put, taking blows and stitching back together. I feel its crux is almost perfected, but a few swaps might be necessary.

Biggest name i want to rethink here is Komodo Hunter. While it fells wondrous to pull from Radiant, both playing it naturally and the constancy of Wandering Monsters/Macarron Chakrarons gives me unease. Worse, i feel there are so many actually plausible 3-drops i’m uncertain which to take. Particular canditates are Sun Seer, Day Watcher and Aer Pridebeak as i feel i’ve been struggling to get early heal procs at some points.

All else, perhaps some cleaning up is necessary. Z’ir and Excelsious have been winning me matches while Hunter and Ironcliffle have been powerful, but mixed bags still. I feel some of them could go but not what to replace them in order to keep the build stable. I’d love to hear wha you guys have to insert on this.


Interesting deck idea. I like it :slight_smile:.

Try Scintilla. Good old faithful heal card.
Zero card draw. Stick Trinty Oath in ASAP! Just throw something and make space :grin:.
For a pretty late game deck, consider Aperion.

Dunno about Ironcliffe. It is good against things like Spellhai and Lyonar, which are less common these days. Care that if you remove Ironcliffe, you have less removal bait, so Excelsious is less likely to stick.

Personally don’t like Aegis Barrier but you can try it. Prevents your Excelsious from for example the nasty Lure + Betrayal combo. Problem is it doesn’t save you from dispels, Rebukes, Sandswirl, etc.

Haven’t tried Lifestream. How is it working for you?


Lifestream IS draw. Situational, sure, but draw nonetheless. Has been quite nice for me to quickly fish the extra nets (aka Silverguards) and sometimes extra Lancers, as well to give clerics one extra punch and one extra spot. I really feel no need to draw here with so much tutoring i’m bringing.

If taking away Ironcliffes i’m actually giving some thought to expand on the Assault/Sanctify loadout. A bit more odds of beefing up my kiddos, as well more boost fodder when attempting to remove auras/ranged threats. What you say on that?


Gonna somewhat disagree here. I only count card draw when it increases your hand size. Lifestream does something without reducing hand but doesn’t increase hand either. If your deck’s curve is heavy enough, not burning cards too quick and feel fine then I’ll take your word on being fine.
Personally though I would auto-include Trinity Oath in every deck except Titan.
More Assault/Sanctify of course means burning cards quicker.

For Sanctify, do you feel you have enough good targets?
You have less good 2 drops than the usual 9, since Shroud is a fragile stat guy.
Also some early artifact plays might mean less minions to target.
Plenty of 3 drops though.

Assault sounds good choice. Scramble some eggs and clear some sand tiles :grin:.

Do you have problems with ranged guys? Assault helps a bit. Won’t help against bigger things like Decimus though.
Sunbloom maybe but likely too much dispel together with Shroud.
Noticed your only AOE is Sunbreaker, which is kinda situational with cost and BBS.
Is it enough? How about the normal Tempest, Holy Immolation or even Skorn?
Already mentioned Aperion, which is late AOE and helps Assault become stronger.


I actually do feel satisfied with my targets. Pretty much everything right now sans shroud and komodo are prime “KEEP ALIVE AT ALL COSTS” material.

So far in my current pit, there are more triangle stick lizards and robots than Sajjs - so not feeling much issue with ranged folk yet. AoE seems fine so far. I mean, i know how bonkers Immo is, but the shell right now is really favoring much more the one-man army action than the world-burning suite.

I’ll try and mix some stuff, so thanks for the insight.


Hey sorry for the late response I’ve been busy busy busy the last few days. Here’s my thoughts on the deck.

I honestly kind of like the top end with Z’ir and Excelsious. Although they’re not great against Vet you’ve got other tools for that matchup (primarily Sunbreaker) and if you can force them to use their removal on things like Breakers or Guardians then they can be low on removal. In terms of other cards I’m really not a fan of Lifestream and Hunter. I know you were referencing it as card draw but it’s not card advantage and is situational as you need to either be bumping the cost of your already big costly minion or hope that it will survive a turn. I would honestly just like A couple of Trinity Oaths more as they provide you actual card advantage and that better supports the running of cards like Fortified Assult and Scantify. I’d also suggest taking out the Hunters as they’re really bad on their own and even with their statline are one of the worse pull off of Standard. I think the deck could probably do with some more aoe either in the form of Sunbreaker or Holy Immolation as both those cards are great.

Hope that helps out and if you’ve got other questions I’m happy to answer them when I find a second to. :smiley:

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