Improving my outdated Dying Wish/Ramp Abyssian deck


I played dying wish/ramp abyssian a couple seasons ago and got to around rank 8 then took a break from this game. I’m getting back into it and I think my deck may be a little outdated.

My deck

I feel like it cause use rite of the undervault for late game draws and maybe there are some new cards that support this kind of deck, Thanks for the help.


I don’t think you’re playing lurking fear, which is a really nice card for these kinds of decks. An Abyssian deck I liked was one that played cards like Dioltas and Vorpal reaper with cards like consuming rebirth and nether summoning, plus the battle pet Gor/sarlac is really nice too.


What ister said, but also:

Black solus doesn’t see much play anymore since the nerf. I think I would replace him with revenants. They’re big and don’t get discounted but you’ll probably get to play them along side your discounted dying wish minions and your biggest weakness in a wish deck is having minions that don’t immediately impact the board.
If you’re running lurking fear you will need some rites of the undervault to refill your hand. Consider the 4/2 dying wish draw a card guy too, although for a deck like this he really isn’t enough draw by himself.
Bloodtear alchemist isn’t in the meta atm except for very aggressive decks, but jaxi might come back and it’s useful there.


ok thanks for the advice


Sounds good but idk about nether summoning maybe ill give it a try, thanks