Improving Budget Growmar


I’ve been experimenting with growmar, only for me to fail miserably.(Except those few times when juggernaut actually stuck and did something. I frankly don’t care a whole lot 'bout spirit, and after mucking about with archetype, I’m still stuck. The list I’m working with is something like this:

I only have one oropsisaur, and that doesn’t see a whole lot of play. are they any good? I’m reluctant to invest completely, and the one I have is form an orb. Should I go for warpup instead of okkadok? Does kolossus work with moloxi? Are kolossus and jugger redundant? should I just chuck the golem package? And I havn’t quite felt the need for draw yet, since often enough my hand is simply full due to the higher curve. I usually am not able to chuck several three drops at once, unless kujata sticks. Should I be looking at a swarm archetype instead, or should I continue to try to play on curve?


This is how I run things, ultimately the decks feel very average.




Im surprised noone runs Verdant in growmar, especially with Moloki


Here is my deck that I’ve had a lot of success with:

It’s not budget by any means, but neither is your current deck (also, Grandmaster is easily replaceable).

They are amazing. I only have 2, which is why there are only 2 in my deck. I would recommend at least 2.

Warpup and Okkadok are both trash in my opinion, I just chose a healer (mystic would probably work too).


Not at all.

I would recommend it, yes.

I chose Vaath so he can grow with his minions. :wink:

I think you have to play grow decks on curve.


Im not sure on visionars rarity, but i would definitely run that over kolossus. okkadok isnt terrible, but i think id rather have young silithar, or maybe celebrant to proc bond effects, and provide ramp into bigger threats.


I’ve been wondering about that too. Is it any good at all? I played against a growmar once as burnhorn, and fulmination did a quick number on me before I drew lethal. It seems like a fairly good card though, compared to beastlands


Well, i havent tried it (and Im not in possesion of spirit to do so, might put some spirit into grow memes next), but from my experience with the card in Gauntlet, it is way better than Endure, because you dont have to position your minions specifically, you can keep moloki in the backside while you are surrounding your enemy and everyone gets grow(its just an example, they might have just taken 2 mana tiles and still get grow), but the problem with the card is that it works ONLY with Moloki, without it i think it is too slow, in value even below Endure.


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