Improvements for my Midrange Vaath deck?


Hi guys do you have any improvements for this Midrange Vaath deck for this meta?

I realize it’s a fairly standard list but I still feel like it could use some improvements.


Don’t you struggle a bit with card draw with this deck?


Yeah I should probably try to find room for a Spelljammer I’m just not sure what I would cut, maybe the Nature’s Confluence?


I’m not shure of Nature’s Confluence. I don’t play it till the day so I can’t say very much about it. It seems kind of gimmicky in a deck that is not Pet oriented. And I don’t like it’s randomness. But it brings 4 bodies so it might be not so bad… Don’t know. I think I would cut them for two Spelljammer and one more Sunsteel or Inquisitor (if you have).
Since this is more midrangey then aggro I probably would cut Elucidator. Espacially because you don’t run any heal besides of the Mystics - and they are also very useful for (a flashed out) Taygete. If you cut them then maybe for… one more Amplification (synergy with Skorn and Flash) and one more Sunsteel / Kron.
Well - this all is making the list even more standard. But maybe better also.


I think I’ll try cutting the Confluence for 2 Spelljammers and Kron. I still like the Elucidators for finishing potential since this deck can become quite aggressive with Twin Fang and Blistering Skorn.


Yeah - I see. But what are you’re experiences with healing in this deck. Going face (TF and Skorn is always like this) wants heal, right?


I usually want to be trying to finish the game before my health gets too low but it can get a bit close to the wire sometimes. I could try fitting a couple of Earth Spheres in the deck


I recommend fitting in some Thumping Waves. It’s a very versatile removal-finisher hybrid, which works very well in a meta where quick-kill speed and the ability to neutralize troublesome buggers are in high demand. I mean, you are already running Elucidators and Taygete (oh boy, the fun you can have thumping an enemy into Taygete =S ).


Why not Sister L’kian instead of Nature’s Confluence?