Improve Kara deck


Hi all,

it’s about one month that i play F2P, so my deck pool isn’t huge.

I have made the following deck, I have rank up to 14 also whit 7 win streak but when I aspired to gold…BOOOM I have lost all matches falling down to 18.
Now I am 17 but I win one match and I lose the following.

I don’t have 3 Sojouner, so I use also 2 blaze hound.

Rust Crawler is like a tech card, just to protect me againts all deck that uses artifact.

Maybe it is not the deck that doesn’t work but it is my lox experience in the game, I really don’t know.


  1. Add Cryogenesis
  2. you dont have much card draw(due to collection size) so running more 4 drops would be better than a lot of 2 drops(the 4/6 golems is very good)
  3. try to get the neutral sister/jammer if u want to keep playing kara
    Conclusion: decks need more draws ;3


These are the changes I’d do on a budget while not deviating from your idea of the deck too much.

Dancing blades is a really good card in such a tempo oriented deck, plus it combos really well with Foxes. Fenrirs are just bad on their own, and don’t synergize well with Kara so I ditched them. I also replaced chromas for cryos, you already have enough silences but what you lack is additional draw and removal. I added one more blazehound because they’re just great in kara and when it comes to draw I also added snow-chasers because they serve as a quasi-draw and it makes cryo turns less clunky. I also added two Bur’s, I’ve been experimenting with them and I feel they’re doing quite some work, plus the deck benefits a lot from high quality 2 drops. Feel free to test it out yourself.

Only non-budget change I’ll make is remove dancing blades for spelljammers, in which case I’d also probably remove foxes for hailstones. Anyway, your deck looks pretty good and you seem to understand the basics of it. With these few adjustments, all you need to learn is how to pilot it properly and you could reach S because the deck is just that good.