Immortal Vanguard - Vetruvian Iris Barrier and Kinematic Projection


Sajj support

and third wish-esque card except balanced? (Also a cheaper sand trap)


Wasn’t Kinematic Projection an entry for a create-a-card contest? Because that effect looks really familiar.

I like that it can be used either as a buff or as a situation removal tool. It’s not strong but indirect, multipurpose removal is good design. Congratulations to whoever designed this.


All of these cards being spoiled are really unexciting me. This meta is gonna be nasty (not in a good way) and I don’t like it. Seems like every other card wants to be 6+ mana super high value win card if not effectively answered.


Personally I like these two Vet cards, but I can see how you could feel that way about the Build minions. Build just inherently sets itself up to be ‘win if this finishes building, huge disadvantage if it doesn’t’. Realistically, most of the Build stuff just won’t be played because they’re way too slow (e.g. the new Abyssian gate card).

I’d view most of the new “game ending” threats as no better or worse than say, Nosh-Rak, Grandmaster Zir, Excelcious, and the like.


I didn’t say game ending, I said high value - win. Like +3 buffs to all minions summoned. That’s high value that can tempo into a win. Same with this artifact. Without sufficient ping, something like spineclever or even thunderclap could be devestating. High value that can tempo into a win. That’s what every other card feels like.


I see. I’d still disagree, though, as most of the things I’ve seen in this set are just too slow or too situational to actually make a splash in the meta (imo). Most of these cards will likely have limited value. Just as an example, the artifact here will 99.9% just get instantly obliterated after your turn is over. It’s really not that much better than playing Falcius - the only real upside is that it’s less expensive.

Even if it survives, you can play around it by keeping your stuff out of melee range from the opponent general. Plus combos with other artifacts will be highly expensive. I’d say there are already much more impactful cards in Duelyst than the ones we’ve seen revealed.


Iris is just a 2 mana falcius that doesn’t leave a 3/3 on the board, and doesn’t give +2 attack for the turn.

The blast card is neat though.




HOLY MOLY! Guys, a non-legendary Vet card! (and two of them for that matter!)


Apologize to Nosh-Rak, Zir, and whoever would be “the like” for comparing them to Excelcious! :stuck_out_tongue: An eight-mana minion with no same-turn impact, in a game like Duelyst? What were the designers thinking/smoking with that one?


This + ankh and ykir are some of the cheapest artifacts. Zephyr for some Aoe. Heck wasting your ping too early will really make a Spinecleaver death. Dont even get me started on this in obelysk vet instead of falcius.


Well, no. Falcius is a tempo card, while this is a slower card designed to keep you alive longer. They don’t overlap at all and I would run both


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