Immortal Vanguard - Vanar Essence Sculpt and Wintertide


Introducing a pretty neat Ilena card

and Vesypr / Kara support?


I like these cards. Pretty simple effects that encourage deck exploration.


I like Essence Sculpt as it’s a good way to get powerful minions from your opponent, plus using the stun mechanic.

Wintertide… I’m not sold on. I’ve tried many times to make a Vespyr deck work and most of the time it just hasn’t. But then again Abyssian has summon 3 wraithlings for 3 mana which can work, so hope is not all lost yet.


What does it mean by “any column”? I presume that they all have to be aligned in the same column?

Or is that left to be discoverable as well


My guess is the spell AoE is a 3x1 column, much like how Abyssian’s floor of Creep is a 2x2 and how Magmer’s ‘Deal 2 damage, give friendlies +2 attack’ is a 3x3 spell.
Thus, would summon 3 Maerids in a line at once.


Essence Sculpt is undercosted. Cantrips are nice because it simply draws a card from your deck. This selective cantrip can ensure you don’t get hosed with a hand full of weak cards as the game progresses by stunning and playing this for ONE mana.

This is the least appealing expansion for me (wasn’t around for battle pets)


I’m liking wintertide a lot for Kara. Never mind the vespyr part, with kinetic surge it lets her spit out three 3/3’s for five mana. Dies to plasma storm, but that’s still an even trade if you don’t lose anything else, and Kara’s stuff is more likely to be out of storm range anyway. Eighteen stat points on three bodies for five seems pretty solid.

Also, it would be nice if they gave Ilena’s bloodbound spell a modest buff, like the reverse of what they did for Ziran’s afterglow, and let you stun friendly minions. Then you could duplicate your own favorites.


finally moving away from control(?)

cast effects might look pretty though


Sabotage Vanar incoming!


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