Immortal Vanguard - Songhai Substitution and Ornate Hiogi


Really not feeling these two, but…



Both seem to be too expensive.


My quick opinions on these two:

  1. Substitution
    Way too costly. The decks that would run this (artifact / backstab decks) usually don’t run many minions either, because they have to dedicate slots to stuff like Obscuring Blow or Bangle. Overall, it seems really situational and just too expensive for what it does.

  2. Ornate Hiogi
    Really strong effect, so I actually almost feel like the mana cost makes up for it. But are you really gonna get to play a six mana artifact that otherwise does nothing? I doubt it, but it’s possible this could be a very strong late game engine for spell-based decks. Time well tell. I’ll withhold judgment on this one.


artifacts and a lesser flicker that’s fine by me!

IMO there are better things to droplift


woah guys

we naruto now


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