Immortal Vanguard - New expansion named


Shidai will become the go to general for aggro decks with bloodrage mask/chakri/four winds, thats for sure


I respectively disagree to a certain extent. Aggro list will still play Katara/Bandit which facilitates KE/IF and Seeker is still vastly superior in that context.

I do believe Stormblossom has a place but displacing Reva in her aggressive lists isn’t one of them.


I hate to be a pessimist, but new generals seems kinda underwhelming to me. They just seem like support for pre-existing deck archetypes within the factions, without adding anything new. I like that they did it, but with over 100 cards in this one, they could have at least done a spin on a pre-existing meta strategy.


It’s almost like there is a 100 card expansion around the corner that could synergize with said new generals.

Spooky, I know.


This is why I hate to be a pessimist, just presenting a (possible) problem evokes this reaction. There was definitely no reason to be that way


Wait I think I know you… You were on t1m correct?


I’ve been around, yes.


ok. very nice to see you around again. Maybe a friendly sometime?


This is certainly one way to be new in a forumXD


But why being a pessimist when you have no idea what cards they will add?


@ThanatosNoa, will there be a list of all revealed cards anywhere?


i will make a thread when i figure out hides!

but i think there is one at


Slow down the hype train.


What do you mean by this link? Where is it? Do you mean “sneak peak” topic?


something like that.


I have to echo some people in here that say that they look a bit too cluttered and… not that great visually.

Ragnora looks a tad bit too slender and minion-like, (though I suppose it might be a female-seeming Magmar?) (not actually of course since they probably can’t reproduce).

If the ripper is good we’ll see some use for Hatch-cards and protecting of those cards… though it can’t be massively strong since it will be massively easy to hatch it early on if you want to.
I’m imagining it’ll be the equivalent of a mature Silithar (not an elder or young one) given the investment you need to make to hatch it. Though it can’t be bigger since it shouldn’t be something that could end a game, given that it’s possible to play the egg very early.

Brome looks ok, though a bit generic face-wise, but that might be solved by a portrait. That being said, he fits in with the recent new trend of units having glowing spheres and floating appendages over their heads.

His effect is pretty good and something that Lyonar needs, a creature to work with their buff-centric nature. Get this out and buff it up massively with a spellshield and others, might be good.

Shidai looks cluttered as fuck and more like a minion to me, but we’ll see.

Her effect seems like it’ll be strong, no matter what those swords do. More fuel for the Spellhai fire.

Ciphyron, looks a bit cluttered as well. His feet feel especially off.

Sabotage Vetruvian is going to be a thing, you jsut watch.

Maehv, yeah I’m not sure about her either though she’s the least cluttered of the busy designs.

Her BBS seems like it slides right into the Abyssian faction, I’m pretty sure you could build a decent deck with her with the cards currently available. I’m looking forward to seeing what else she gets (most likely dying wish related). I predict more Shadow Creep cards and Dying wish for Abyss mostly.

Ilena seems good, though a little boring like Brome, though how she uses that mace might be the focal point. I’m expecting at least some ice effects.

Her BBS might be good if there’s more support, we’ll have to see what they give Vanar, though I’m not super keen on them adding yet another thing to the Vanar Grab-bag of things they can do. If they work it out sufficiently, that’s fine but please don’t add more half-assed stuff to Vanar, they already have a lot that’s completely underutilized.

EDIT: figured out what feels off about them, some of them feel like MK2 Generals while the others don’t.


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