Immortal Vanguard - New expansion named


I don’t remember seeing an ability on the 4/4 in the little demo


Cause i dont remeber seeing a 4/4 husk


Now i wish Husk is a minion that cant move, if not, that combo is crazy :sweat:


So something cool to note Ragnora has Morin Khur, Ascendant has Hexblade, Maehv has Mindlathe(?) . So will we see Brome and Ilena weapons (Shidai looks like generic Katanas) .Lyonar doesn’t have a 1 cost artifact yet, Vanar doesn’t 5 or 6 cost artifacts yet.


holy shit… inb4 zoo abyssian


…i actually read it as skinsoldier i’m sorry


Shidai’s weapons are the Spellswords (or blades) that she adds to your hand


While it is true that Abyssian already has 4/4 minion in Fiend, another reason to give them a new one might be the mana cost of a Fiend in your hand. It only costs 2 mana and maybe CPG wanted a creature that costs more when played from hand, vanilla or not.


Or different but similar tokens allow for balancing them separately.


Uh I play yugioh, nobody plays those cards anymore, they use knowledge for draw power and use secrets to get knowledge, some use magician of prophecy too.


made sense during judgement books dragon rulers format tho.


Reva is still better with most things including Killing Edge, you’ve underestimated the value of those heartseekers. So while Shidai will take the spot with Spellhai, Mantra, and arcanysts, Reva will still be better in aggro and some other lists that use KE and wouldn’t need double spell procs. Reva’s BBS is too amazing to be pushed out of the meta by Shidai.


So basically you’re saying ranged Reva, which as I also said was her last stance


as I also said:

Basically taking the reigns of Songhai since spellhai and Arcanysts are the general Songhai decks from budget to top tier (and instant access via Ancient Bonds / ROTB). I enjoy a good value Reva, but double spell triggers will make Spell Reva comparable to One Man Kaleos and likewise value/ranged Shidai and backstab Shidai will be sub optimal (having a BBS that gambled and no way to directly benefit off of double procs).

So I’m not saying Reva will be useless, but Shidai seems like the new go to general Songhai general, replacing Reva, but obviously not robbing her of her dominant archetypes.


Well Aggro songhai has always been quite good imo, and reva will definitely be one the forefront of that. Also I think Eight Gates will still be Reva’s job considering there isn’t much for Shidai to take, considering they don’t play a lot of spell triggers necessarily. So Shidai isn’t necessarily the general go-to songhai general, considering both eight gates and aggro will still be commanded by Reva.


Arc Songhai is top tier?

Why didn’t anyone tell me, is this the same Hai that had no archanyst decks right after a expansion focusing on them? Hell, last time Songhai had a good archanyst deck was last year around the time Shadow Nova got reworked.

Aggro Songhai and Midrange Songhai outpace Spellhai in popularity by far and it’s not particularly close, don’t let recent Mantra/burn in top S fool you into thinking the archetype is more popular than it actually is.


I meant in the sense from using storm sister bc on budget and using 8gates as you are not on budget. So too tier for an arcanyst list, in this example.

Edit: Even crazier, I didn’t even call it Top tier.

Clearly in context that is not what I was saying. I was saying of Songhai, Spellhai & Arcanysts are the ones seen most (mechhai and backstab being much rarer).


8gates Reva won’t use any tools that Shidai won’t have access too is my point. You could run Reva for 8gates, but you could also run shidai, it’ll really depend on the rest of the deck. In this case Reva BBS doesn’t give her an advantage with the tools that we usually see her with as compared to Shidai who seems like she will make better use with them through her BBS.


To be honest, thats not powerful enough to be a variax spell. It probably has something to do with skin husks that has massive late game value. It could be:

3 mana: Destroy all minions nearby your general and summon friendly 4/4 husks in their places. (Pseudo Necrotic sphere effect)


3 mana: Summon a friendly 4/4 husk nearby each friendly husk. Summon a 4/4 Husk nearby your general. (Duplicating effect, Magmar Ryzen Effect)


3 mana: Summon a 4/4 husk nearby your general. Steal 2 life from the enemy general for each other friendly husk. (Pseudo nightshroud effect kicked into overdrive)


This would still be fairly weak compared to ther other variax BBs


Zir- esque effect I’d wager. 12/12 or 10/10 for Bounded life force / Zir cross up where the big husks become your general, but some kind of bound, like cannot activate more than once per turn.