Immortal Vanguard - New expansion named


Well the game already knows where the back of a general (or any minion) is due to the backstab mechanic, even though there are 3 place behind a general. So I’m assuming the game is taking the front as the space directly ahead, plus the character limit on a card may mean that “the space” part wasn’t typed onto the card to save on characters.

@oranos nice catch on the wording of Dancing Blades, should have thought of that. But it is like 5am here.


This would be so good on damage pings. First thing that comes to mind is Sworn Avenger yo. I can’t wait.


Guys, you know what this means?!



Wait… are there going to be new codex chapters?


Talking about codex, i thought the new General for Songhai was a person in Reva’s lore. But i didnt see the new General wearing a blindfold. So perhaps not her.


uugh i love the abyssian one but the name is kinda :frowning:


I’m afraid that with this Abyssian general they are going to push Aggro Abyssian even further.

Other than that…

HOORAY! :slight_smile:


eh, the BBS kills a minion and damages yourself for a new minion. that doesnt have rush. its more tempo or midrange than aggro by turning weak minions that werent going to do much damage anyway into mild threats. be more worried about dying wish and deathwatch synergy (like sarlac or desolator with shadowdancer)

not sure how the unseven interaction would work


I won’t be worried about that. Cause I’ll be playing that :slight_smile:


More generals are nice of course, but i fear that the new Songhai general may push Mantrahai and 8gates a bit too much (assuming spell sword is a cheap spell that can probably be used to go to face).

The Vanar general is going to be very annoying for sure.

Lyonar gets a new swarm generator.

The Magmar general is hard to judge until we know what egg support (if any) this expansion brings and what his egg will hatch into.

Abyssians get a general who is like a mini Horror burster, I don’t think the self damage will be an issue considering the amount of infaction healing Abyssians have.

Vet gets (probably) the short end of the deal here, another general who tries to use artifacts (or preserve swarm but lets be honest, Zirix is just a better general if you are playing swarm), which means he is ultimately doomed to share Sajj’s fate.


Alright. So we know that the songhai spellsword is a cheap spell with a somewhat random effect that cant be replaced (not sure about theobule). There are several possible spells it could generate, sort of like getting one of the 3 lessons from trinity wing. The only confirmed one is basically a one turn only obscuring blow while ping and movement were discussed.

Vanar is always annoying

Lyonar gets a guarenteed a provoke minion for control and buffs but it is ironically countered by positioning and provokes

Magmar needs to reevaluate old egg tech like wild inceptor and egg morph with guarenteed eggs on the board

Who knows, this might be what makes horror bursters good… and aphotic drain… and releaser… either way i think the cards so bad they werent even memes are getting a second chance this expansion.

Vet is actually getting support for their secret archetype, Sabotage. Psychic conduit. Zenrui. Dominate will. Alongside artifacts to kill what you cant steal and make weak ranged minions like heartseekers worthless.


I need Panddo general for songhai.
BBS : summon two 0/2 panddo that cant be attacked.


Fyi I just realized with this upcoming expansion, Vanar is the only faction that generals didn’t poop minions.


Ciphyron brings new spell: Ciphyron’s deciphering’s: Your general gains Summon Dervish.

Vet mains are still unappeased.

Idk if this is true, its just a joke


Abyssian might get something that does same number of damage you received this turn to an enemy or whatever… or maybe a card that takes your damage for you. Either way, there’s a fair amount of life gain in Abyssian so unless you’re having a rough game, it’s probably not an issue.

I would think Spellsword is a minion. It sounds like a minion to me… or maybe an artifact…

Egg thing is kinda funny. I think most of the rest (if not all) are going to be tied in to things we’re not privy to just yet.

More than 100 new cards. 14 cards x 6 leaves 16 cards for Neutral. 15 each with 10 N or 13 each with 22 N doesn’t sound right… but who knows? If the Generals are being counted as cards for that number the math would obviously need to change a bit too. Will be exciting but I think people are going to jump straight to the obvious meta cards. It’ll make a difference for sure but unless there’s a major upending, I don’t know how different it’ll really be.


Huh. The faction deck archetypes are finally being fleshed out. That’s good, took long enough (nearly 3 years). Hopefully there is another card overhaul again, just to shake up the game a bit more.

Also more advertising of this game.


I doubt they’d change a bunch of old cards when they’re releasing a new set. They might nerf cards that become oppressive, but if they want to buff old cards, they’d probably just release them as new cards.


The Songhai BBS gives you one random spell out of four 4. These can’t be replaced.

If I remember correctly, one was
+2 Backstab till end of turn
move one space (only General I think, a little Mist Walking)
and the other two I forgot.

I don’t like this kind of randomness in a BBS but we will see.

And the Lyonar one seems strong. 5 drop holy immo. But on the other hand you know exactly where he can do the 5 mana holy immo so it is easy to play around.


Where from? 1515151515


They said it on the stream.