Immortal Vanguard - New expansion named


oh yeah, i noticed the lyonar one has halo bulwark

but what about the songhai and vanar generals?


Didn’t you mention the Vanar general having ice-shatter gauntlet? And Songhai probably has an artifact from the expansion itself. Also notice the swords the Songhai general is wielding? Looks a lot like the one a certain minion is holding from a sneak peek twitter post by CPG (the guy who looks like he has extra long genitals hanging from his belt).


I liked vanar, but not the generals. Now with Ilena, I will main vanar. Ice shatter gauntlet all day. Ciphyron has that sweet sweet reach. The Vet Oppression. (I like this one. opposite of Argeon)

All the other generals summon new minions or do things we don’t know about so eh. lyonar swarm guy, Abyssian with horror buster-esque effect, songhai spell girl and Magmar mama constantly giving birth.

But will the flawless ghost combo get nerfed with the new expansion?


I’m really excited for this new expansion, and especially for the new generals. Third faction generals have always been discussed here and there, so I’m really happy to see new ones come out to help diversify options for the factions. As for the generals themselves, I’m very interested in seeing what kind of decks and directions we can see the factions taking. I’m also looking forward to what type of Cosmetic Items (Mark II skins, emotes) will become available for them, and how it will affect faction leveling (for the prismatic generals)

Lyonar: Brome Warcrest
The first idea that comes to mind with this general is zoo support. With cards like Auroara being supported by small minion and great buff effects through cards like Warblade, Warcrest may greatly help support Lyonar’s budding zoo archetype.

Besides zoo, the keywords Zeal and Provoke may also lead to more interesting card designs for Lyonar revolving around those keywords. In particular, I’m looking forward to see how useful Afterblaze will be alongside this general (for 4 mana you create a 3/6 with provoke/ Primus Shield master that essentially cycles itself!). The only thing that questions me about this card is whether the minion can only be summoned in the one tile directly in front of you general or ANY of the 3 tiles in front of you general.

Songhai: Shidai Stormblossom
A bloodborne spell that generates another, non-replaceable spell. Could be a great boost to all spell-based decks in Songhai, particularly Spellhai, Arcanysthai, and Mantrahai. Assuming that the Spellsword deals damage, I would say this will also gain a lot from spell boost affects like 8gates. I’m really interested in seeing how Shidai affects the use rates for Reva and Kaleos in Songhai decks.

Vetruvian: Ciphyron Ascendant
Out of all the generals, this one seemed the most out of place. Or at least at first. What immediately came to mind was its synergy with Zephyr in conjunction with artifacts, but the buff only effects minions, which would make it difficult to use artifacts on the face outside of Zephyr or Ankh. Upon closer inspection, this could help bring Back SabotageVet, as you now have a cheap, reliable way to reduce the attack of enemies for cards like Psychic Conduit and Zenrui. Of course, this would depend on how many 4 or less attack minions are prevalent in the upcoming meta, but its a thought to consider. I’d also like to see how Ciphyron affects Sajj’s place in the Vetruvian meta, and how CPG will try and differentiate the two.

Abyssian: Maehv Skinsolder
Dying wish synergy with a slight twist of self damage. With the vast array of dying wish minions and death watch synergy that the faction has to offer, alongside their aggressive healing in cards like Desolator and Void Pulse, I have no doubt that Maehv will be able to find her place in the Abyssian faction. However, what I’m really excited to see is what Maehv’s Awesome Bloodbound spell could be with Variax!

Magmar: Ragnora the Relentless
We got eggs boyz. Really interested in seeing the stats for the Ripper unit, as it could determine just how much of a boost Eggmar will recieve with this general. Could be great with Egg morph and Wild inceptor if the egg hatches at least a 2/3 (I’m assuming the Ripper won’t have the rebirth keyword in exchange for extra stats, although I guess these Ripper eggs will show the true value of an egg). The fact that these Ripper Eggs may very well be token eggs can also open up a few more directions for Eggmar to grow!

Vanar: Ilena Cryobyte
You thought Vanar could stall before? I think this card may introduce an even more stall-heavy form of vanar with it’s effect, taking advantage of its ability to stun to put enemy minions on ice. Could get really annoying in the late game, but at least stun is dispellable now, amirightguys? But seriously though, this may make iceshatter gauntlet a thing, and I’d like to see how CPG approaches a ‘stun synergy’ idea within Vanar.

Overall, I’m really excited to see these new generals in action, and I can’t wait to see what new cards will go along with them to open up new playstyles and deckbuilding options!


Wait, hold on… new Generals? :sweat:
Holy spell, this isnt a dream. :heart_eyes:


Now, what i want to know is : what is the AWESOME version of Abyssian new general. Effect from variax.
Any ideas?


Halo Bulwark has a lion’s face on its front. He is not holding halo bulwark.

Morin-khur is one blade (or so we thought). I’m going to err on the side of this not being it.

Hexblade Ciphyron is a hard one to say no to, but ultimately if the immortal vanguard is full of generals who have artifacts as permanent weapons, wouldn’t those artifacts not be equipable anymore, as they are now owned, and thus removed as cards?


considering that you can have multiple of the same artifacts equipped at the same time. i would say no.


well yes because they are cards. how do you equip a hexblade, if ciphyron main weapon is hexblade? he owns the hexblade now. you gave it to him so he could be a general.


What a careless typo…


because magic

and mass production


Mantrahai is already quite powerfull…i realy hope that spellsword isnt a cheap damagespell

The new vet general…it appears to me as if CP wants artifact-vet to be viable yet realized that that is not going to happen with sajj…so they try again with a new general(he even wields a hexblade…)
Poor sajj…


spellblade feels like a minion or an artifact


I would guess something line this;
Destroy a minion and summon a friendly 4/4 Husk in its place. Deal 2 damage (or maybe heal 2 in this case, or maybe no health effect at all? ) to your general.


After reconsidering…the value may be much less than the other awesome BBspells…but it also has alot more to offer in terms of stabilization after variax is played…so may be not as bad as i thought after all


I’m assuming its the tile directly in front of the general, based off the wording from the card Magnetize.


But Magnetize designates a specific space, while the Lyonar BBS just states “in front of your general.” There’s a difference.


Both say in front of your general which kinda implies the space directly in front. Its reasonable to presume that the BBS minion would be summoned directly in front of the general in the same place as Magnetize, otherwise it would be pointless to have the same words but have them mean different things.


The wording is different. If it says “the space,” it designates a specific space. But if it just says “in front,” it doesn’t specify exactly what space “in front.”