Immortal Vanguard - New expansion named


For those who want to read the article from the Duelyst website

For those who just want a quick summary

  • New generals for all 6 factions
  • “due to release mid-November with new game mechanics and over 100 cards”
  • Streamer schedule 24th October - 10th November, assuming streamers are revealing a card (may be subject to changes)

Discussion: Analysis of the Songhai faction and the Bigger Picture


Goddamn CPG and here I thought you were just sitting on your butts watching golden girl reruns. Excuse my language, but damn! New generals? New BBS? New mechanics? Over 100 cards? I think I gotta change my pants too!

All hype aside, I’m excited and I can’t wait to see what happens to the game with all this new stuff, it’ll be like a brand new game. Someone else talk now, I need to catch my breath.


YOOOOOOOO well I now what deck I’m dropping my wallet on, Egg Mar here we GOOOOOOOO!


Hmm, interesting.

EDIT: yes, the eggmar general is so welcome and looks awesome.

Kind of disappointed with the Abyssian one and the Songhai one is a bit similar to Reva and Brome, although it all depends on what a Spellsword is.

Like the concept of the Vanar one too, hard-countered by Artifact Sajj :stuck_out_tongue:

All in all, I am in NO position to judge, but this is just the very first reaction I had (Abyssian one is also… confusing to look at, I dunno…).


Abyssian general seems underwhelming.
Take 2 damage & destroy a friendly to to get a 4/4 minion.
Unless this husk minion has amazing super powers…
We’ll have to wait & see…


well dying wish/death watch synergies exsist.


I dunno, 4/4 is pretty strong especially in swarm decks and all the self sacrifice spells abyss already has. Also has pretty good synergy with the releaser and cryptographer.


Very happy about this, these news are going to shake the game!


Super hyped for that new Abyss general


…but that self damage effect seems really unnecessary. Unless we are going to get some pain synergy like magmar or some really powerful cheap sacrifice targets it seems like overkill, sacrificing a unit should be enough of a cost even with the current deathwatch and dying wish we have in the mix. Fingers crossed that the two damage is there for a good reason. Excited either way.

Also new vet general looks super strong with Conduit and Zenruai, and will probably do artifacts, other then Ankh, better then Sajj. Really liking his potential.

Woot Egg support! I hope rippers are strong!

Edit two:

Sad that I may have started getting into streaming to late to be included. @ThanatosNoa if there is more room and or someone is unavailable I would love to get in on that as I plan to become a regular streamer.


Definitely gonna sacrifice some Sarlacs to the Abyssian general.

Didn’t expect new generals. Nice surprise.
Time to save some gold :slight_smile: .


With all the wraithling synergy, sacrificing a unit is almost free. Time to stock up on bloodtide priestesses before she gets nerfed!

Edit: I got an email about the new expansion. The email says preorder packs on 10/24 to get the new generals early. So can we get some more info on that @ThanatosNoa?


what i wanna know is if the lyonar general is going to be allowed to place his minions. 5 mana mini-kantor is hype and lyobuff is gonna be interesting with guarenteed minions.

spellsword sounds like a minion along the lines of pureblade enforcer or chakri avatar

the vet general looks like a new take on artifacts focused more on preserving artifacts instead of relying on ahnk and falcius to clear

maehv makes me think we will FINALLY get new deathwatch effects and that is MEGAHYPE. also we are going to be seeing a lot more mindlathe to steal some fodder. AND WE GET A NEW AWESOME BBS FROM VARIAX (speculation time)

eggmar back to the top. 'nuff said. (also same question as lyonar general)

and all those crappy vanar cards like iceshatter gauntlet are gonna be OP. could this be the beginning of vanartifacts being viable?


i wonder what is Maehv’s AWESOME BBS from Variax? :smirk:

edit: oops beat me to it @oranos ><


You place the Magmar one,The Lyonar is always in front of the general


The new Lyonar General looks quite interesting, but pity that I won’t be able to use him in my current deck. I’m now just hoping for new Zir’an cards. I can really use more heal procs.


and here i thought people were calling the vetruvians the robot jews


From what I understand from Ryvirath on the discord, you will be able to access the generals faster by pre-ordering packs. However, you can still unlock them without pre-ordering by winning 10 ranked games with the respective faction. I would assume these rank battles would count only after the expansion hits, so you would not necessarily have them unlocked automatically after the expansion goes live.


Part of me is thinking about not serpentifying me collection… Hmmm…

Also, three discoverable elements remain:

  • What does a Spellsword do?
  • What does a Husk do? (if you wanted a vanilla 4/4, a fiend would fit, so I’m inclined to believe it has another ability)
  • What does a ripper do?


get some iceshatter gauntlets instead. that vanar general feels meme worthy


Anyone else notice that each general has some kind of artifact on them? Abyssian has mindlathe and Magmar has Torin Kuhr or something like that.