Immortal Vanguard - Neutral Capricious Marauder


Last of the “Duelyst Official discord reveals”. I really like this one, makes you think hard about how to play it optimally:


Magmar can flash this as P2 T1 :smiley:


As was said in Discord; Hot Potato with this sounds like a hellava lot of fun! And Magmar can Primal Ballast this for a meaty 7 mana 11/11.


what i wanna know is
if you komodo hunter
kill a komodo charger
does the maurader get to act this turn?
or does it have to wait a turn of no friendlies dying to act?

cause if it doesnt get to act when it swaps sides then its worthless as long as you kill an enemy minion
but if it does get to act when it swaps sides then its OP since you can just trade minion to get it back and it reactivates with infinite celerity

it counters mindlathe so hard :sweat:
attack a mindlathe general, kill an enemy minion, then punch face and repeat :sweat:


This + Sun Bloom?


Are we…sure this is neutral? Because, looking at it…that color palette…those glowing orange scythes…I’m not sure it could look any more Abyssian if it tried.


Looks very similar to whistling dude


Those bright magenta pants and fabulous knee-high boots distance him from Abyssian. :wink: :ok_hand:


The effect of this card directly counteracts the mechanics of Abyssian. :thinking:


Good point, the only general who’s bloodbound spell wouldn’t be a nonbo with it would be Cassy. Come to think of it, the only Abyssian archetype that doesn’t nonbo with this is shadow creep. Or a generic ball of Abyssian/neutral goodstuff without swarm, deathwatch or dying wish.

Also, this might literally be the worst minion of all time to use dominate will on. Unless your side of the board is clear. Even then, you could just kill something they own. Unless dominate’s your only option.

You know, if you whip this up when you don’t have anything else out, it’s pretty scary…although, you know, dies to doom blade, but still.


when they take control, is it reactivated?


Take control doesnt mean reactivated. Its like zenrui/dominate will. Very strong card if well played


Yeah, but it’s a black card though.

Wait what this is Duelyst.


Curious to see how this is resolved :

  • Playing Maevh
  • Ironclad on board
  • Your turn to play : 6 mana

Sequence :

  • play Marauder
  • BBS on Ironclad

You now have a 4/4 and a dispelled 9/9 or just a 4/4 and opponent got a dispelled 9/9 (it hurts) ?
Does side switching occurs between “destroy” and “dispell” from Ironclad ?


Dying Wishes are supposed to activate after the minion dies, so it will probably be you get the 4/4 and they get the 9/9.


Also ironclad only hits enemy minions so you would give it to them permanently


Zendoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :slight_smile:


I suppose you’re right. It’s also too costly to hit with abrupt decay. But it’s monocolor so it dies to ultimate price. Also dies to murder, hero’s downfall, murderous cut, utter end…that Golgari kill spell? Putrefy I think? Okay I’m done now.


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