Immortal Vanguard - Magmar Saurian Finality and Upper Hand


Controversy.exe engaged



Solo Vaath



Good thing I’ve been playing Big Face-Smackey Vaath Magmar with both Gaze and Tectonic then then! :joy:


More of a starhorn card imo


…saurian finality?


Sorry I am tired for some reason I didn’t notice Saurian lol


(reads saurian finality) (eyes widen)

I’m…I’m sorry. It does what?

So…it tells decks with lots of expensive stuff in them to shove off, makes earth sphere cry, lets you remove with your face, and screws up the other guy’s next turn.

Doesn’t Magmar already have lavaslashers and Makantor warbeasts?


…Okay, so moving on. Upper hand. Welp, Starhorn’s got a new best friend. I think I can hear cryogenesis off somewhere crying.

@jukeboxery If that’s how you’ve been playing Vaath then you’re going to have fun with these.


Ooh yes. Recently (accidently) made a Vaath deck which ramps up with Vaath’s Brutality, Cryptographer and Krogon. This’ll be a fine addition to take the place of Healing Sphere (at least some of anyway). Not to mention I already run draw-burn. I’m looking forward! :weary::ok_hand:


hmm, stun, +2 ATTK, -3 mana, and 10 health heal

this is…interesting to say the least

upper hand reminds me of high hand except a spell.


I think you got some Kraigon in your drogon.


And not terrible.


I knew something wasn’t right. :thinking:


Saurian Finality looks really broken. I want to test it out as soon as possible, hoping it’s not too frustrating to play against


There’s just no way it can be anything but broken. I’m calling it now. It does ten or twelve mana’s worth of work for seven, with one card, on the turn you use it.

Gee, it’d be really bad if they also gave Magmar, say, a brightmoss golem that fights a nearby enemy minion the turn it hits the field with no downside. Or a six-mana quadrupedal panic button that solves so many different problems I don’t know where to start.

Whoever said sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, or however that goes, can bite me.


You are overreacting. The card is obviously strong, but not necessarily broken. It comes at 7 mana and you don’t want to relax next to Vaath at 7 mana anyway, given how easily he can burst you down with Drogon or Bounded Lifeforce.

If the opponent is ahead of board, this can be a way to close the game just as the aforementioned cards. It can really shine in control versus control matchups, but how frequent are they?


Which control deck would voluntarily cut down on its own mana progression? As a control deck you actively work towards reaching the high mana turns to outvalue your opponent with bigger and more expensive threats. If anything, I think the card is for mid range decks.

And it looks ridiculously broken to me as a top end in these kind of decks as it reverts the game state to the mid game, brings you back from a unfavourable early game, hinders the enemy’s progression AND advances your own game plan. And you can even run three copies without feeling bad about it


I will craft 3 of these when the expansion hits and I’ll reach back to you :wink:


I’m with @nickDigger on this one, I’m afraid. It’s him, I, and at least one person in the Church of the Makantor thread.

Also homeostatic rebuke looks abusive and gives me bad flashbacks to three-mana enfeeble, and I wasn’t even playing during that timeframe.


After playing with Sunset Paragon for quite some time I can tell you that there are surprisingly many minions nowadays that have less attack than health. Almost all of Lyonar’s threats are statted like that, Vetruvians Obelysks, Vanar’s walls, a lot of Songhai’s staple minions, many of the commonly seen neutrals… Abyssian doesn’t care much about having minions stay around anyways… there were only a couple of situations where I was actively seeking out that effect, i.e. EMP, Aymara, Mechazor, Revenant. While I think that the card is good, I doubt that is will be as dominating and universally strong as Enfeeble.


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