Immortal Vanguard - Lyonar Dauntless Advance and Call to Arms


Get on the Duelyst Official Discord to get these super special reveals earlier (we’ve already seen them over at the DO discord, just posting them here):



I really love both of these. The 2 mana spell allows Lyonar to more easily clear big bodies (their weakness) and the 7 mana spell gives them great lategame power if they can draw well, or just if they’re Brome.


Spells on your general is interesting. Call to arms might be better as an artifact though. Then you could play it earlier and your opponent could play around it. But Alabaster Titan is a thing so idk.


It this… real? Dauntless Advance is written horribly.

If they get “Takes no damage this turn,” it’s a sentence fragment and implies the effect is permanent. It should just say “Your General and nearby friendly minions do not take damage this turn.”

Call to Arms also has an unnecessary comma after ‘gains.’


Idk how, but I think someone’s gonna find a way to break things with Dauntless Advance. Also, that swarm/brome support <3


dont you mean razorcrag golem? <3 <3


This is…really cool. Loving the new guns toys we have to play with


Dauntless Advance looks like it might redefine Zeal decks but I don’t think Lyonar can afford to lay down 0 momentum at 7 mana unless they were going to win anyway.

Unfair value trades with Dauntless Advance: let’s go!


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