Immortal Vanguard - Full Set List


welp, turns out I can’t read :frowning: completely missed that bit


slow claps

I’ll be kicking myself for being pleased once the new cancer develops but this is me right now.


Barely any Heal Lyonar support… I suppose it was just wishful thinking from the start. :upside_down_face:


They really pushed hard for swarm lyonar
Healyonar got that 1/10 neutral those “if at full health” cards and sunstrike
It might even see the beginnings of tempo ziran


I see Heal Lyonar differently. My idea for the deck revolves around effects that trigger whenever something is healed, instead of effects that maintain minion health to the max.


You see when i think of healyonar, i just think ziran


Some really rad cards, with inventive concepts motivating the design. Love that not all Mechs will be geared towards building Mechazor; makes playing a Mech dech less of a by-the-numbers thang. The Build concept is cool, though I suspect it’ll ratchet up the # of destroy/transform spells we’re all stocking, while making our dispels less valuable. (Though can you dispel a Build once it’s complete? Know you can’t dispel it while it’s mid-Build.)

But dayum, if you compare to other cards w/similar-ish effects/value there are several new offerings that should cost 1-2 mana more than they do!
Steadfast Formation (should cost 3 mana, total), Dauntless Advance (3-4), Sunbound Pavise (3), Surgeforger (4), Bamboozle (4-5), Wildfire Tenketsu (5-6), Progenitor (6), Gigaloth (5-6), Auroraboros (6), Draugar Eyolith (7), Bloodbound Mentor (4), Redsteel Minos (4), S.I.L.V.E.R. (7).

I can break down the “why” for each of these. Curious if others agree.


I don’t agree at all with that assesment, all of the cards seem balanced, if not fairly weak, compared to older ones.


Magmar has the best cards by far imho, follow by abyssian. Songhai and vanar got the short stick while Vetruvian and lyonar have very interesting cards


I strongly suspect the new cancer will be reptilian in nature. Something to do with a cheap boardwipe and a we-crammed-everything-including-the-kitchen-sink-into-one-card spell. I think that last one heals your general or something.


I wasn’t really impressed with the Abyssian cards myself, what caught your eye?

That sounds about right to me. Vanar’s three nerfs seem likely to hit pretty hard and Magmar got a lot of amazing new tech while avoiding the nerfhammer entirely.


Void talon its a good 3 drop that is very hard to remove and it will allways deal 6 damage face or kill some big enemy minions.
Abhorrent unbirth+metaltooth is insane in a mech deck and Will definately see play.
Vellumscry is a great drawing card for swarm
Moonrider is a Solid 6 drop, expetially with lilithe
Betrayal is super scary in the late game, it will win games





Yeah, i also forget this


void talon can still be removed easily by magmar, abys, vanar and lyonar before it was even built. I guess its for the pressure only :wink:


If they use natural/AoR/martyrdom/punish on a 3 drop you are happy because your bigger minions has less chance to be removed




But Soulshatter Pact already exists, how much is Frenzy likely to help you? I like the card, but I don’t know if there’s going to be enough Provoke going around for it to really matter.

Void Talon seems very good, Abhorrent Unbirth is probably the best Abyssian card. But Vellumscry only works for a swarm deck and isn’t Abyssian’s problem that they have a hard time keeping Wraithlings on board, and not that they run out of cards? 4 Mana is pretty steep for a deck that typically needs to win fast. Moonrider is a good card, but does it push Abyssian? Maybe it’ll see play now that Revenant is going away though. And Betrayal is definitely really strong, especially in a deck with Daemonic Lure so players can’t just play around it: but that’s also an 8-Mana 2-card combo with little to no tempo (depending on if the enemy minion dies). Brome will die to it a lot, that seems pretty certain.

It’s not that I disagree that Abyssian is getting good cards, but they don’t seem like cards that are as pushed as some of those in other Factions. Most mentioned actively rely on Swarm working, which hasn’t been afaik.Thanks to both of you for clarifying your thoughts though.


But seriously, so much hype! Can’t wait to play and interact with all those meme material XD
Is that orb preorder thingy still around? I might be buy one of those! :smiley:


buy it now cause its updating soon