Immortal Vanguard - Full Set List


Sorry for…derailing…the topic, but seeing this image gave me a bit of a flashback. Remember when pony reactions/memes/et cetera were everywhere, all the time?

But getting back on…track…I’m about to dive into the setlist, and it’s going to be amazing.


I admit that the expansion previews didn’t impress me much at first, but seeing the whole set leaves a different impression well done CPG the expansion looks great :slightly_smiling_face:.


honestly i just googled hype intensifies and this is what came up


omg guys


= (insert salt)


wait a second…
“whenever this damage an enemy minion”, so lets say they have at least 2 minions nearby their General. 6+2+(4x2) = 16 dmg? :sweat:


15 char


This is why it had to be 8 mana lol


Fair enough. I was just making an observation.

Also I just got done looking over the cards, and I really hope Magmar doesn’t turn out as vomitously powerful as it looks, because if so then cripes. It’s just gonna be Magmar friggin’ everywhere.

But we’ll see how things turn out.

@ThanatosNoa Hey, so, question, any plans regarding the whole wall/ghost seraphim/flawless reflection thing? Or are they going to be proceeding forward unchanged for the time being?


Highly unlikely. So much more healing in this new meta. Mantra also has no clean answer build structures bar obs/ running


Am I the only one who thinks that Steadfast Formation can push Swarm Lyonar over the top? None commented on it yet


I was a little wary of it when I first saw it. Only time will tell though how effective it will be. With its 2x2 restriction, might suffer from some of the row and columns effects coming up.


@ThanatosNoa wat time is the release i cant wait lmao



this will determine if things like mind steal and reaper will be OP or not this expansion


Akurane asked a similar question on Discord about when it built on a turn if the card was stolen by cards like Zen’rui.


Therefore, I’d assume this interaction is no different. We’ll have to wait and see.


stolen on board is different than stolen from deck because we dont know if build is a “summon” effect like bond or if its a “summon” effect like opening gambit

its very important

because it also details interactions with revival cards like keeper or nether summoning


No worries as you’re quiting the game :wink:


This might be crazy, but summon dervish is a keyword correct? so with this for every obelysk you have on the board, your general gains 1 instance of summon dervish (3 for trygon) even 1 is the same as an etheral obelysk, so this is probably going to be worth it.


Except summon dervish only activates at the start of your turn like grow or hatching an egg. Meaning summon dervish is useless.

But flying on the other hand


this is not a one time thing, so it will be permanent unless dispelled. Unfortunately, winter has ruined all my dreams by saying that this keyword does not count. :frowning:


I thought the ‘this turn’ bit meant that it only lasts for this turn

But if it permanent then mech and obelysk vet are gonna be super strong