Immortal Vanguard - Full Set List


Hey Duelyst fans!

Interested in seeing the full set for Immortal Vanguards?

Check out the collectible card list here!

The expansion launches later on November 14th, so get hyped!




So burden of knowledge says “deal 3 damage to your general to draw a card,” not “deal 3 damage to your general. draw a card.” Does that mean if you have Iris Barrier or Falcius you can’t draw with it?


I’m hyped. Really all I can say. Hyppppppe


I love this card. I will run it in every deck. Even non-Magmar decks.


Hard Thunderhorn counter, interesting because Vet got huge Thunderhorn synergy with Lost in the Desert.


First of all, did you really call a card Bamboozled???
2nd of all: why can songhai generate free 8 gates???


Best named card this set imo

Possibly ever.


Woops, looks like Mantrahai will be even more scary


It’s strange to see lots of cards that get me hyped much more than the reveals.


Reliquarian looks sooo great…i realy hope that he isnt as bad as he seems
How exactly does he work anyways?It seems like in an faction artifact which boosts your atk by the same amount the sacryfye minion had= you sacryfy 2atk as abyssian,you get spectral blade


If it’s 3 mana it’s not a Mantra card


Totally agree, many reveals were really underwhelming with respect to this. It actually looks like a fun set!


The spoilers were only the tip of the iceberg. THE SPOILERS WERE ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG!


This is weird. I was getting depressed with the cards that were spoiled. I didn’t care for 90% of them. The mechanics that were discussed were kinda nifty but seemed meh. Now that I see the full spoiler, there are SO MANY cards I want. I wish we coulda seen those cards instead :frowning:


Wildfire Tengetsu. I’m scared to play dvelyst.

Edit: And vet so OP I can’t.


It’s get one copy of eight gates for 5 mana. Not scary at all.

At least it has nothing to do with mantra.


That’s what people said when Firestorm Mantra first revealed.
6 mana, thinking that Songhai cant cast more than 2 spell per turn.
But then realize abjudicator exist, and now Shidai exist. :sweat:

This card could be another option to clear board or hit General in the face.




the 2 cost abyssian removal :smiley: