Immortal Vanguard - Cacophynos


A new Abyssian common was revealed and its name is Cacophynos


Personally i like this card as its adding a presumably strong card to budget abyss, which is always nice as abyss is a VERY expensive.

If the image is not loading this is what it does: 4 mana 6/3 dying wish: Destroy a random nearby enemy minion.

Immortal Vanguard - Spoiled Card List

Ugh. Dying wish and death watch support. Abyss will be a pain in the ass.


Seems cool, kinda anti-provoke aggro style, tho as most of the abyssian cards, weak to dispel


its very big tho, rather big


Reminds me of serpenti in some ways.


Sweet, I really like it.


Seems like an anti-tempo card. It kills shieldmaster and whatever is nearby. Easy to play around but destroys provokes and higher health rush minions.

Feels sorta meh but could be truly great if abyss gets a card that stuns or stops movement


This was exactly my thought. I don’t think it’s performance or super useful, but it’s strong against tempo and especially Lyonar/Magmar who like to rely on big, valuable minions. Against Songhai, Vanar or the Abyssian mirror match, it’s pretty bad.

Worthy of being a common. Some will find use for it, especially newer players or in the gauntlet.

There is one thing worth noting about this card. It’s board presence that can be used to create card advantage. In an optimal situation, you trade with a big nasty minion or smack the enemy’s face and kill another minion at the same time. Worst case scenario, it gets transformed or traded into with a lesser minion. Also, it’s prime tiger food.


Dones’t seem very good imo. 3 hp makes it very frail, often wont get more than a 1 for 1 trade with a minion unless you get initiative with it. This card pretty much seems like a tempo killer. I guess you can do some cute stuff with the new bbs tho


Yeah. Comboed with maehvs bbs wish we knew its name its kinda like a panic button. 5 mana dark transform with a 4/4 husk instead of a wraithling and 2 self damage with some serious positioning concerns. Could be good in gauntlet.


but it is a turn 2 play after lurking fear… that might be good enough…


Also… Did Grincher die?! :frowning:
Poor feller.


Think its too expensive at 4 mana. It has a lot of attack but health matters more and I think the dying wish effect, although good, can be easily avoided.


The card or the streamer? Cause the cards always been dead. And the streamer is on the card reveal schedule


Look at the art for cacophynos. Tell me that doesn’t look like an undead Grincher (card).


Am i the only one who thinks this and darkspine elemental are related?


It looks nothing like Grincher


Nice! Weird stats and a powerful effect which can be played around. I think it’s quite a bad card assuming the current card pool, but I like the simplicity of its design, which does not come at the expense of interest. It may see play in Dying Wish decks, depending on the other cards which will be revealed.


Pretty nifty! Encourages players to focus more on positioning, like Thunderhorn, but the effect and stat line are a fair bit weaker. I would prefer this as a 3/6, but it still seems quite strong, especially if it’s allowed to attack at least once.

Also, what’s with all the Sound based Abyssian cards? Echoing Shriek, Kalaxon, and now Cacophynos.


I don’t know about this card. Unlike Lillithe and Cassyva, Maehv does not have any hard removal in the faction that directly has synergy with her bbs. While Cacophynos definitely fills that role, their are better options for her in terms of 6 mana dying wish units (reaver) and removal (punish could still probably work, dark transformation, necrotic sphere). Lurking sphere could make it slightly better, but I wouldn’t call this a incredibly strong card. It does have the potential to 2 for 1 when it comes to trading, so the unit has some potential.

Edit: rebirth effects also exist (the 3 mana and 2 mana ones) which will also make it a bit interesting.