Immortal Vanguard - Animus Plate


the boob armor confirms it. all current and future vanar generals are gonna be female.


Its possible CPG becomes super progressive in the future and decide to include a trans Vanar general.


Well they already have trans vanar spells in the form of chromatic cold


Winter is coming…and its wearing a bra?


Awesome card now I can make a consistent Vesper deck. It’s not hard to keep a Vesper or 2 on the field. Plus Vanar has ramp so you can get this out early if u wish… Don’t forget that new neutral. That cheapens relics


Personally, the card is a bit meh, but then again, it’s a win con when you have the board for it…


Love this card <3 Yay for vespyr support! Now we just need a few more good vespyr minions :stuck_out_tongue:


Temporary Vespyr support you mean, it will rotate out T_T


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