Immortal Vanguard - Animus Plate


we got vespyr support in the form of frostlyte regalia
this makes iceshatter artilena actually a bit scary

Immortal Vanguard - Spoiled Card List

Wow more dervish support, really nice minion!


I’m into this. I was just defending Vespyrs Faie

the Rare quality actually makes this better imo. More likely to get picked up by some not rolling in spirit


Pretty darn nifty! I’ve always been a sucker for Vespyr decks, and this looks like a great 5 drop for the deck. The buff works especially well with Voice of the Wind, Snowchaser, and Bonechill Barrier. However, at 5 mana, there is so much that Vespyr vanar wants to play, such as Frostburn, Luminous Charge, Vesperian Might, and Frostiva. I can see this being insane in Vespyr based aggro or swarm tactics, and the fact that it is an artifact adds a new dimension to its counterplay.

Between this and Drauger Eyolithe, I can see a position-based midranged Vespyr Vanar beginning to develop.


Where did you get this pic


sylvermyst’s stream
thanatos PM’d me to ask my ign and everything
and facepalmed when i spoke up in chat and my twitch name is literally my forum name + a little extra


nice, reminds me of the Crystalline Champion, but better. Much good for my infiltrate vanar deck

Does this count as a card reskin even tho its in vanar instead of lyonar?


Finally my vespyr deck got a wincon other than vespyrian might


Another powerful but expensive artifact ensured by EMP to never see serious play.


I dunno. You can play this and get value for a solid 2 turns before emp comes out. It can immediatly buff a bunch of minions. It might make ambush a scary card


I also think it’s a strong card, it’s easy to get immediate value out of it. It’s particularly scary as a finisher in aggro decks.

EMP is an excellent counter, but it’s also a tech card. It’s not obvious it will see much play in the new meta…


EMP is simply the easiest answer to this card and since you probably won’t be playing this on curve he will easily demolish this card. Even considering that not every deck runs him this card still doesn’t have much of a chance to compete in a meta where almost no artifacts proc more than once.


Im just saying that if you have a vespyr or 2 on the board thats a lot of stats put to good use right then and there. Imagine a snowchaser and a cloaker in infiltrate suddenly getting +2/2 each With the +2 on general. if all of that goes face, thats 14 damage for 5 mana. Sure you can emp, but by then the damage is done


It still looks like a win more card, similar to Vespyric Might if you have a board full of Vespyrs you can pull off some flashy burst but at that point you were probably winning anyway.


Cool effect but 5 Mana is really steep for an Artifact. Not sure if triggering once is going to be good enough reliably. Pretty sprite though.


This card is very cool for Vesyprs! I can only see it being runned as a two of in a Vespir deck mainly as a finisher so if you have a bunch of vyspers on the fields maybe from Ambush then you can boost your pyrsve’s to a high enough attack to finish your opponent even if the artifact only procs once. Yrepvss!!


A 9/9 tech card plenty faction can move on late game to go for the kill (Astral Phasing, Juxt/MDS, Magnetize, Nethermeld, Hearth-Sister …), it’s not as useless after cast as a Crossbones for instance.


balanced and i love the design 8/10


I agree, it’s an awesome tech card! But if the meta is too fast it’s not going to see play and I think this card can be a nice finisher for faster decks.



I like it!