Immortal Vanguard - Abyssian Stygian Observer and Gate to the Undervault


I was meaning more of the prisoner part at the time, since they didn’t say what the demons were. So more along the lines of a minion with basic stats but with a keyword like rush, flying, provoke etc. But if it turns out to be what oranos has said, then it has become a lot more interesting.




Gate is is own win condition. Similar to Doom, keep it alive three turns and you win!


Timekeeper plus Gate == Scary Spoops.


according to the devs gate doesnt interact with any cards that exist

essentially its a tile you can walk through, your opponent cant and cant be dispelled, overwritten, or put minions on

with observer, it says “minions” as in more than one
as it abyssian is new old kara
kineticats shall return as stygicats
and it buffs them more immediatly and faster than kinetic surge ever did (assuiming things die)


I definitely think so. If I understand correctly, Build always spawns a 0/10 structure with no special effect, unless stated explicitly otherwise. If I recall correctly, the only Build minion which affects the board while being built is the Vanar legendary.


Did they mention anything about being able to steal it while it’s still building though?


i would assume that grapnel steals it while building, but psychic conduit doesn nothing


Dev 1: “should the card say, Summon a random 6/6 Demon nearby?”

Dev 2: “No, we need to maximize the matches lost due to unexplained game mechanics.”

Dev 1: “But what if they think it will be a token minion to balance out the unprecedented ‘Invulnerable’ trait?”

Dev 2: “Balance doesn’t drive sales, Craig. CCG players are masochists, they will love it.”


dev 1 is craig :sweat:



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