Immortal Vanguard - Abyssian Stygian Observer and Gate to the Undervault


Cool hand buff thing:

and don’t ask me what this card does, because I have no idea what the text means:

(Devs on discord did hint that Invulnerable means literally cannot be removed by any means, but did not say so outright. So #discoverable.)

Immortal Vanguard - Vetruvian Iris Barrier and Kinematic Projection

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…super fun times!


Here’s some confirmation on what Invulnerable means:



Still no idea what the “Summon a random Demon nearby” is, but w/e


Any news on the stats for the random Demon from the Gate card?

Edit: Just a thought will it be similar to Kron and his random prisoners with keywords.


That’s discoverable


wintermu7e basically confirmed that a demon is a 6/6/6
so klaxon, vorpal, and moonrider



wait what :sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat:


Is Demon a token or a tribe? I need to know so I can determine the value of Grimes’s stock.


I doubt they’d introduce a Tribe simply for this (and maybe a few other cards). My money’s on it being a token.


(In the most dramatic Argeon/Gandalf/paladin voice possible)

“The gate cannot be allowed to open! The children of Hell would march upon our lands! Everything we love would be cast down into inescapable ruin! We must stop it even if every last one of us dies doing so! There is no other choice that gives this world a future.”


OOOH so that’s why they nerfed saberspine lmao


well, deathwatch abyssian (or abyssian in general) just got

a.) an older phantasm


b.)deathwatch, deathwish, and swarm support




It’s like the Lady of Pain: so strong it doesn’t even have stats.


A demon is one of the 6 mana 6/6 in Abyss aka Vorpal Reaver/ Klaxxon / Moon Rider. Get it “666” demon


So Klaxon although removed from the available cards will still be summoned?


They haven’t have clarified that but I would assume that is the case since this fits a specific theme


except you can remove kron…


a 666 every time something dies?! other factions better be cooking with gas 0_0


I assume that the invulnarable status is active only when the card is built, otherwise this is worse than prenerf variax. ah the 7/7 is way too slow unless you have a massice board of wraithlings and a revenant in hand