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Immortal Vanguard: Abyssian Part Two


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Bottomless S rank


While its a very different looking deck now, its still based on my go to deck for most of unearthed prophecy. Its been awhile since Big Abyss, much less Lillith, was meta, but the current incarnation is very well suited for the meta. I call it bottomless abyss because well…that would be a pretty big abyss.

Big Abyss is an old and simple archetype that revolves around ramping out abyss’s powerful late game minions like Vorpal Reaver alongside a few other targets that have changed out a lot over time. With the meta settling for Immortal Vangaurd, it seems Finality Magmar is the deck to beat, with various aggro lists, and midrange lists teched to deal with magmar, and of course flawless Vanar mixed in. So with that in mind we are rocking a line up of minions that pretty much ignore Magmars removal package.

While the only card we are running from Immortal Vangaurd is Chakram, it certainly makes it a pretty big difference, supplying an alt win con, providing the AOE the archetype always felt it was lacking, and helping keep things out of plasma range. It also combos exceptionally well with Reaper and Lilliths BBs. I keep it, EMP, and Banishing at two because they are all a bit situational and its a very proactive deck.

Why have I gone back to Black Solus? Well he dodges rebuke, lavalasher, makantor, plasma storm, and often natural selection to meaning he is a perfect on curve threat to deal with magmar, and a high priority removal target. Reaper of the Nine Moons serves a similar purpose dodging magmars removal or at least stealing one of there strong minions. While EMP and Vorpal don’t dodge most removal, the swarm of wraithlings, and the field disruption of EMP are a real nuisance. Add desolator to the mix and you have constant back to back threats that keep any opponent stuck in a reactive state.

Combine all that with some lillith staples, healing, dispel, some removal, and a couple cycles and a high curve to keep our card advantage covered and its a very powerful well rounded deck. Been soaring through diamond with it.

Median Mode S Rank


Its a midrange deck, with a mech program mode, also Median/Mode…well I think I am clever.

A very aggressive deck that can really abuse Furor Chakram thanks to a small swarm, rush on metal tooth, and flying on Reaper. It runs just enough mechs to be able to get rush off on metaltooth, and his two partner mechs have their own strengths.

Deck has nine cycles, great healing, good removal, good AOE, dispel, and a gameplan that goes off long before finality is an issue while packing cards that are resilient to their removal.
While it does not have the raw power of my bottomless deck, it is super consistent, even more so then bottomless, and usually a bit faster.

SWARm Competitive


A swarm deck featuring grimWAR, and also a shoutout to my old horsemen series.

Its a pretty classic deck, swarm the field, play death watch, win. There is a lot of micromanaging to be done, and you always have to be careful not to overextend into a field wipe. Don’t be to greedy with your win cons, you have quite a few of them, its just fine to cash in a small swarm instead of risking loosing it all.

Grimwar is the decks saving grace, it simultaneously makes it really hard to clear your field and provides a powerful win condition. This is a very AOE prevalent meta, making hyper swarm a very tough deck to play. But I have tweaked it to be as resistant as possible to AOE, while still retaining its lightning fast gameplan, as well as the added ability to play a little more of the long game then hyper swarm usually can.

Twelve cycles will give you good resilience to field wipes and make finding Grimwar easy, and Chakra can do a ton of work. Instead of picking most of the classic swarm tools like priestess or dancer we are rocking Desolator as a mini back up win con and added resiliency to wipes. Deso, chakram, and w-Swarm are kept at two due to all being a bit slow for our primary game plan.
Its a very powerful deck, but unfortunately its worst match up is the most popular deck of the season. While I have teched it with Magmar in mind, it can still be a tough time.



Famine S rank


A midrange deck that revolves around really devouring your opponents minions, starving them of resources, and good positions, its also a shoutout to my old horsemen series.

Deceptibo and thunderhorn are powerful cards in their own right, and Cass makes a very good pair withm them thanks to a combination of Nethermeld and Demonic lure. Primus fist is a sollid opener and gives bot/thunder the little extra boost they sometimes need to finish things off. The only other mech in the deck is Operant, which provides a decent opening play, but most importantly enables bot to pull Mechazors from your deck consistently. Nekoma adds card advantage and a way to help you remove Operants from the deck to increase the chance of mechazor, and or to get ahold of your desolators. Three Nekoma would be a bit overkill so it gave me an excuse to run Betrayal as a good one of for the occasional surprise victory.

Nethermeld is such an underated card, aside from the aforementioned combos, it can also serve as soft removal, or a way to get a displaced unit back into the action. And between Cass’s BBs and Sphere its not to hard to get use out of with a little planing.

Combine all that with cass staples, healing, and dispel and its a very effective deck that is well suited for the meta. It has a healthy curve and between sphere, deso, and Nekoma, you do just fine on card advantage.

Pretty big overhaul since the patch: -3 Reaper, -3 Azure, -1 Bender, -1 nether, +3 Primus Fist, +2 grasp, +3 pulse,

Death Competitive


Despite the lack of deathwatch this one gains the title of Death due to its killing speed. Its a hard face deck packing a very low curve and a lot of out of hand damage, its also a shoutout to my old horsemen series.

Aggro Cass dominated the previous meta, but she lost most of her previous tools leaving us with mostly the darkseed/burn side of the deck intact so may as well go all in and tripple up on the hound/jammer/seed package.

However she did gain two new cards which do make a pretty big difference. The first being Void Talon. A superb aggressive minion, and then to a lesser extent Betrayal for extra burn or surprise victories. Wait what? Blood Siren? Yep this old card can really find a home now with how it combos with Void Talon. Use siren to debuff the opposing general and get a free attack out of your talon or warlock, use it to preserve your spectral blades durability, or just as a way to keep your health topped off.

Combine that with the usual Cass staples, and the superb card advantage it has built in from the seed engine, and you have a terrifyingly quick aggro deck that can still outpace even magmar. It may not be what it once was, but its certainly still effective.

Pestilence Competitive


This one gains the name of Pestilence as creep feels very much like a spreading disease.

Its rather similar to the midrange famine deck with the core of the deck NightBot, Thunderhorn, and Nethermeld making another appearance, but instead of going for all the utility picks instead we go for Cass’s classic Archtype creep.

Due to the state of the meta the creep package looks a bit different, opting for Azalea and Klax and strait up skipping Juggernaught. Juggernaught is just to vulnerable to rebuke, dispel, and just removal in general, while often being to small to be worth it in the early game, where as Klax can generate a crazy amount of creep, and the provoke can really protect you from various magmar combos or any aggressive deck. Magmar has a tough time dealing with artifacts so Azalea and Blade serve the deck quite well.

Add a few cheap creep generators and Cass staples and you have a pretty effective creep deck.

I have made it to S rank for many seasons now, with frequent top 50s when I have the time to play competitively and occasional top tens. Since I have not had the time to stream as much as I want, I just try to share some of my things each week to fill in the downtime. You can check out the rest of my stuff here:

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:thinking: u took this deck to s rank? Or nay? Cause imma stop playing this game until its finality is fix. UNLESS THERE IS ANOTHER MEME DECK THAT I CAN PLAY :DDDD (nah actually cbs)


Hey man, nice decks, as always!
Have you thought about reviewing that Exhume deck (a personal favourite) you had on your previous artcle? I just love Nether Summoning but I can’t seem to make it work by myself.
Keep up the good content :heart:


Yea, combination of this and some of my vet stuff for the next thread.

Played pretty much exclusively Abyss and Vet through diamond. I certainly wouldn’t call any of this a “meme” , and I dont have an issue with finality, I can beat it by teching for it, and I love how its pushed solitaire decks out of the meta.

@dultrak Still a ton of stuff I want to do, but going to start working on other factions for a bit. The exhume deck has lost most of teeth with the severe nerf to the rush package, it being a little slow, and the fact that the rest of its targets die to rebuke. But reanimation style decks are still some of my favorites so you can be sure I will work on it in the near future.


Btw, aren’t arcanyst builds nice against Vaath? I understand that topping with DeathKnell is probably useless, but with owlbeast and conjurer you may have strong midrange options resistant to rebuke.

What do you think?


How I used to run it won’t work so well anymore, since it’s a deck that is very vulnerable to plasma, trinity dies to rebuke, and eight mana is a bit slow.

I always hated conjurer but a combination of him, darkfire, and with the aforementioned owl instead of the old loadput should do well.


I added this and your other abyssian deck lists to the wiki. https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Guides#Decklists


On a related note, WTF is up with the ranking system…So I make it to rank three…then I win my next game, yet get demoted to rank 4. So maybe the number three person surpassed me? Nope, he was offline. I also happened to beat dragall like three times in a row yesterday yet he managed to maintain rank three while I was stuck at six.

I was also chatting with @dragall earlier and he noticed it was pretty weird as well. Our best guess is its something to do with total win rate, and not really invidual games/streaks, but that doesn’t explain this bizarre occurrence.

(Oh yea…I have a weird habit of tracking my progression complete with time stamps…I just like to have the record and occasionally people ask for proof and such, like when I give the line “oh yea I totally was in top ten, but then started goofing off with weird decks.” )


So, how S rank position decay work?

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