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Immortal Swarm is Best Swarm?

If it can’t be killed, can it be beaten?

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Basically just add in Xor’Xuul, three sarlacs, three gors, three blood echoes, three consuming rebirths, literally anything that can resummon a sarlac/gor and laugh as you plop one saberspine down on the enemy general with literally only one other free spot on the map for it to summon to. OTK.

Roughly the entire board can get filled with sarlacs by blood echoing eight just once as long as Xor’Xuul is up.

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No it’s not, you lose before Xor’xuul hits, the best swarm decks aren’t even abyssian they are swarm brome and wanderer swarm kara.


We have to reevaluate Underlord decks. Gnasher is a thing. Also, White Palm.


Gor like any battlepet are susceptible to things like suiciding to a thunderhorn. Can be very painful.

Sarlacs can still be beaten. They can be dispelled or transformed.
If Xor is out BoA still works.

It is the swarm that doesn’t get cleared to a simple AOE but one that gives the most time for enemy to rush you.

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The biggest buff to Underlord was not adding Shimzar back, but changing Aphotic Drain to 1 mana. Either way, I’m very skeptic whether Underlord is still playable beyond Silver.


Everything is playable till gold late season
Most is playable till diamond late season


Before Patch 1.96 I’d sometimes go into Unlimited and play this as my ‘for fun’ deck, but I think it’s a pretty decent jumping off point for Xor’Xull, and I reckon I could take it to S rank if I had to.

It’s not a finished product, so feel free to shift it around however you like.


Nice job on the deck! I run a tempo deck similar to this but without underlord and the immortals. I took it to t16 in the launch and I can post it somewhere if yall want

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This is an often seen comment, but everything most certainly is not always viable even in lower ranks. You need to trust people’s memebuilding imagination more :smiley:

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Thank you for the deck! I wouldn’t dream of getting a good winrate in Diamond with this (cause I’m no pro), but it looks consistent and fun :slight_smile:

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Well yes gor isn’t 100% viable, so using sarlacs is a much easier option, while it should be noted you can just kill the gor instead of the sarlac with whatever killing spell you want to use to readjust positioning. Honestly one of the skill caps in this deck is knowing what to kill and resummon when.

Btw, even dispels don’t exactly counter this deck. To actually kill off a sarlac for sure you’d have to dispel the swarm that got summoned (keeping in mind that they don’t stay clustered because of their random spawns) and then kill them all or risk having a blood echoes get played to return their immortality

Can confirm took this to S (added a random mindlathe for fun)

I’m not sure my list is the best, but it’s pretty fun.

I feel like it has real potential, but i’m not a godly deckbuilder. At any rate you give up a lot to complete the trial, and I couldn’t quite compete with the top decks of wanderer and fault (lost to TM25’s fault/rae/kha 4 times :’( oh dear) so it wouldn’t be my first choice to climb with, but you can and do get the trial off and when you survive the turn after playing xor’xuul that usually means you won.

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