"Immortal" Just another casual meme deck


I name it “Immortal”. It’s a very late game oriented deck with the main goal of tanking through whatever is thrown at you and use Vaath to hit things late game. It’s similar to many other late game decks but it also has a secret weapon!

This deck’s idea comes from my own frustration when I get burned by Songhai (Reva) in S-Rank over and over again while using my Midrange Magmar deck. I was so sick and tried of it to the point where I stopped playing rank and go Gauntlet for a while.

Then I started thinking of a way to counter their aggression.
I created a deck consists only of healing and removals and try many cards I’ve never touched before.
Prophet of the white palm is one of those. At first I try using it to block lethal spell like Spiral tech when I’m walking in for the kill. (It essentially buys you 1 turn) It works sometimes and other times it doesn’t. The deck (not the one in this post ) was very slow and doesn’t really have the threats of its own. It was too passive.

Then it hit me! This combo is what the deck is missing!
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I use Chrysalis burst + Prophet of the white palm. (and also CB + Greater fortitude) This combo when use at the right moment is very powerful.
Yes it’s cheesy and yes it’s not very interactive. The only skill required is knowing when and where to use it. It depends a lot on match up. If your opponent relies on spell damage for Aoe in stead of Skorn, it can be a game winning combo. (which can be used very early too)

On side note: Prophet can also be used to block Holy immo. , Spiral tech. , Obliterate, Avalanche etc. on the turn that you’re vulnerable to huge loss or just buy some time for the kill late game. But it’s useless against Vet and Magmar. Still I like it a lot.

The final decklist is as posted here.
I’ve played 171 S-rank matches with it and got 98 wins. (57% win rate)
It’s not a top tier deck but it’s not that bad either. I just like it because I can counter Songhai much better than before. Well I still die sometimes but not in a one-sided fashion as with my Midrage deck. Now it feels more like an even game to me and it really brings my fun back.
(I’m sure there’re many other ways to counter them but hey at least let me show off a little bit)

Before the meta changes, I just want to throw it out there.

PS. To those who’ve encountered me and this combo and felt offended by it, I’m sorry. I didn’t try to be rude. Actually many people did counter a successful CB pretty well and they still win in the end. XD

I’ll end it here. Thank you for reading.


Update after Patch 1.75