Im trash, feedback on Saji Vertruvian deck please


Title says all, is there any ways i could improve my deck.
Im new to Duelyst no hate on me please :3


Add another Syphon and another First Wish - you have too many 2-ofs which makes consistency suffer.

Ethereal Obelysks are not worth it without dervish synergy. Just drop them, you have enough 2-drops as is.

Ash Mephyts are only good in Kara. Replace them with Dioltas or Sunsteel Defenders.

General concensus on Staff of Y’kir indicates that it is a trash tier card, but IMO it’s not that bad. Consider Hexblades or Spinecleavers in the future.

Add third Primus until you have better options. It is an excellent budget card for midgame.

Saberspine Tigers are great, but I would consider Blazing Scorns in their slot since they provide better value which is important when playing control. Having some form of AoE is also nice.

Ayamaras are pretty much a must for control Vet decks. They are the most impactful lategame minion the faction has. Work towards them as quickly as possible if you want to play this archetype.

Your deck also lacks cards draw. Most people advise Sojourner, but I hate that card, so I use L’kians instead. Try both and find what works for you.

Here is the cheapest competitive version of this deck, so you know what to work towards:

You can find other versions in Manaranks section on


Thank you for your feedback, time to help improve my deck i will take your advice.


No problem! That’s what the forums are for.