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I'm trapped on mobile (again)

Someone is trying to sabotage the Word-to-Card Contest.

For no particular reason, I will now be using a laptop instead of my desktop computer, but when I try to sign in to the Duelyst Forums on the laptop, it says “Sign-In Failed.” I am using my correct credentials, and even reset my password to make sure. It still fails. For all I know, I can’t sign in on my desktop or my phone either (they remember that I’m signed in).

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

  • I have encountered the problem, but I’ll never tell you how to solve it. The world will be a better place without you and your stupid contests.
  • I can help you… for a price.
  • You’re probably just mistyping your password repeatedly, fool!
  • I have not encountered this problem before.

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Have you got a browser setting forbidding third party cookies? Are you using funky adblocking or javascript blocking plugins?
These could cause that.


Is that a standard thing to have? I’ll check.

Definitely not. The laptop is new, and I didn’t download anything like that.


Oh. The solution was to do nothing. The problem fixed itself…


…and yet, somehow…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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