Im streaming duelyst on Youtube


Hi everyone my name is Danny, you might have seen me in chat where I go by Dannyazapata. Now for those of you who care, right now i’ll be streaming Duelyst on Youtube for a few hours, i really feel like the twitch community is growing very well for Duelyst but Youtube is still ripe for that juicy Duelyst content. So if you’re a new player who has some questions about the game or just needs some help come ask! Or if you just want to come and hang out, anyone is welcome. I’ll be laddering to s-rank with any deck that I find fun at the time, and if you guys have any decks you would like me to check out or try to ladder with, go ahead and suggest them. Hope to see you there.

Here’s the link to my channel for those who are interested


If you view this thread, the stream just ended so no confusion is caused.