I'm ready for some new expansion card spoilers


Actually, I am past ready. I was reallly ready a week ago.

A week is long… When waiting for something anyway.

Anyway, does anyone know when they started spoiling cards of Shim’Zar? Like, how many days/weeks before release?

When does the pre-order open?

Are the card arts we’ve been seeing spoilers for the next expansion, or is that unsure?

Well, probably a useless thread, but on the other hand, maybe a developer can give an indication of how long the wait (for at least some snippet or pre-order) is?


First reveal was on the 9th of August, at least according to the thread created on this forums. Can’t be arsed to check when shimzar was released though, I will leave the math to you.

Personally, I’d like to not see the spoilers this time. Laughing at people overreacting to bad and mediocre cards can only get so funny. I would much prefer them if they just announce it a week early and drop it on us.


I’m not sure. To be honest, I had high hopes for a weekend black Friday/cyber Monday sale in game with some spoilers and pre-order available, but my guess is that we will have to wait for next month (sadly).


I need a new Duelyst card to detox the disappointment of the new Rogue cards in Hearthstone.


Good question. Also, I wonder about the format of the new expansion. If I recall correctly, they mentioned the pool of new cards will be small. Maybe there will be a change in the delivery model, more like the adventures of HS? I look forward to this.

Also, I hope we will see a second patch with a few cool things before the end of the month. There are no monthly cards, but some surprises would be nice.


Thanks. It seems it came out august 30th, so that would be exactly 3 weeks prior to release.


It’s a smaller set so we dont need as many days to spoil. They will come when they come :slight_smile:

Product Roadmap

Should be there some special quests to get some free Spirit orbs from new expansion? Something like in HS when WotOG came out.
Yes I want free thinks that much! :smile:


So that’s means soon right :slight_smile:


I actually prefer smaller set, it’s just easier for f2p player. Oh and I have a question (or a request idk) can we finally get set mark on cards for a better distinguishability (I don’t even know if I used that fancy word properly) and for a swag factor.


I do hope we get a release date soon !


Maybe it’ll be a really nice early Christmas present? :slight_smile:
The trick is to not wait for it to though ;p


Great ! I thought it’d be as big as Shim’zar though so I’m a tiiiiny bit disappointed but at the same time it makes it fairer for new players.


Agreed, a tiny bit disappointed, but still very hyped :smiley:

And Ryvirath, thanks for posting at least that, good to know it’s smaller before it hits, and I guess I’ll just keep refreshing twitter, forum and news section of the site :stuck_out_tongue:


Yah I don’t even really need more cards. But I’d have spent Black Friday money on a deal even if it was just the 9.99 for ten orbs again.


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