I'm new, what does a standard Mid Range Kara deck look like?


As titled…




On that page, what do the digits on the left side panel mean?


Ranking. 20char


Cheers bro, just figured it out. So should I just disenchant every other faction’s card to start crafting this? Suggestion?


New expansion just came and the meta is in the process of changing so I can’t really safely recommend you anything at this point. However, Kara decks run lots of neutral minions which are good in plenty of other decks (primus, blazehound, dancing blades, maw, shiro) so you’re not risking much by doing it. And those few Vanar cards you need are also staples. I believe it’s still a pretty strong deck so might as well go for it.


No - don’t do this! The lists there are good - but “before Shimzar”. So if you want to DE wait some time till new meta has settled a bit.
I would not recommend aggressively DEing. You lose a lot of spirit in the long run and will most probably regret it. Focus at least 3 factions you may like to play (if not now so maybe in future) and don’t DE cards of them.
My 2 cents about DEing.