I'm new here! :D



I’m AttineAnt and I just started playing a couple of weeks ago. Big TCG fan, and from what I read, it seems my transition is quite common here: I stopped playing HS a while ago and needed my fix but couldn’t be bothered going back there, and found this :smiley:

I’ve been doing a fair bit of reading and watching streams and such, getting the hang of it slowly. BUT, I also read that about a month ago there was this Humble Bundle thing that I missed on… I was wondering if anyone had any spare by any chance and would like to help a bro out.

That would be the BEST :smiley:

Still… Hello and see you around!


Welcome. Humble codes ended unfortunately.


Boo! Well, that won’t stop me. This is great :slight_smile:


Well hello there ! Welcome to our humble community. Pun intended.
Unfortunately for you, even if someone was to give you a code, you cannot redeem them anymore.
About HS, for me it’s quite the opposite, I played it because it was compared to Duelyst. Then I stopped because I don’t like playing two games of the same gendra at the same time.
Anyway, ain’t here to talk about me. I hope you’ll have a good time here. :wink:



I’m sure I will, the tile-system just adds thst chess-like layer on top of it that makes me enjoy this massively. I know it won’t be happening anytime soon, but what I hope for is a good mobile version I’ll be hooked when that happens haha.


Welcome to the forums and game Attineant. What faction are you rocking atm?


The good news is it’s in the works!


Welcome! :slight_smile:

What faction are you rocking? I surely cannot be the only one who just plays them all :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the forums and the game! :smiley: hope you enjoy your stay :smiley:

Community still small, but growing and very good one, so ask whatever you want :slight_smile:


the codes ended but people may stil have them around and i believe you can still redeem them until novemeber… so ask around here, the duelyst reddit, steam forum


Welcome to Duelyst.

We have a very friendly community :grin:


Ohh! Good to know! It would be nice if anyone had a spare one that worked, I’ll check around :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I only just started so going through all the factions unlocking all basics while playing around in ladder. Still haven’t build any deck really haha. Except on Gauntlet of course, which I love haha

Good communities are always sweet :slight_smile: