I'm leaving Magmar...for this season


Starting from today, I’m departing from my Magmar roots. After a year of exclusively playing Magmar in competitive, I want to expand my horizons, and explore and learn how other factions play to improve myself at the game.

I have enough spirit to craft any deck, but the real question is what faction I should main this season? Please share non-Magmar competitive deck list below and give a short description on how its played!

I’m a pretty average player, my highest rank was 6 one chevron away from Diamond, until I had the longest most disappointing losing streak back to rank 10. So, this season I want at least get to rank 5 Diamond.


I don’t know, if you couldn’t get diamond after a year of playing the same faction I can’t see you getting it when playing something new and different. Just pick a deck that you think will be fun to play rather than focusing on laddering up because it’s obviously not your thing. I’d say Lyonar is the closest to Magmar if you want something different and yet similar, and if you really want the change of pace you can go for Reva which is by far the most different playstyle from Magmar imo.


Check out the Mana rank: http://managlow.com/manaranks/ladder/10-28-2016/ pretty much ladder in a nutshell, or here: http://bagoum.x10host.com/tierlist.html


Hi hi !
You’re leaving Magmar ? Ah, I ain’t gonna stop you. Please provide more info on what you want to play or enjoy playing !
A small suggestion I can do is Ranged Reva ( not SpellHai ) and Backstab Kaleos. I can’t really link any decks because I use my own ones that I know are bad. Look around, iirc, nwardezir made one. Although, it’s a meme deck. I can’t really say anything about the other factions, I don’t actually enjoy them.


I was busy with university this past year, so didn’t have much extended periods of time where I could just ladder. But now with my semester finished, I now have lots of free time to play this game.

I might main Reva. Her type of playstyle could help me with my sequencing for my MTG Naya Burn deck.


Raqyee, in my experience sometimes when a faction/deck/empire doesnt “click” (i wouldnt know how to explain it) then no matter how much time you play it that you will not do as good as something else. Maybe he thinks he likes it but then he tries something else, say songhai, for a while and discovers that he enjoys it much more and plays much better.


Feel free to check my profile for threads. The only threads I make are deck lists. I know you are not a new player but this thread may still be a lot of help:

Helps give you a little direction on what to pick next as well as supplies links to many of my upgraded expensive decks. It also gives you budget stuff to try out before you invest.


Just wondering, what was your losing streak? It must’ve been something to fall from 6 to 10


It was too traumatic to remember…


Sad to read you’re leaving the Magmar army. :neutral_face: But your reasons are comprehensible.
I’m playing Lyonar and Vanar when not playing Magmar and have lot of fun with them.
I Can’t share a decklist atm because I’m at work and not at home.

Have fun!


Don’t worry comrade. I will return.


Have you tried this list?

It’s the one I’m currently climbing to S with. And it’s a blast.


Please tell if you achieve it, I really want to try KeeperMag but I still need 2 more Keepers of the Value.


Because you asked, @jeezboozxd :
Here my Lyonar-List which is doing really well (only Gold at the moment but doing very well in Diamond end of last season with about 65%-70% winrate):
And my Vanar-List I also played in Diamond last season. May be a bit weaker then the Lyonar-List - or it’s just because I’m better with Lyonar then with Vanar. Haven’t played the list this season so far:
Both lists with old deckbuilder because the new one doesn’t work with my Firefox (save-function).
Both lists pretty standard and variations of lists by J (not shure about the Vanar-List) but you was asking for working lists and not for originality, right? :wink:


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