I'm Hoping That Everyone Else Notices the Power Level of Reva in Gauntlet


the power level of Reva in Gauntlet is just much much higher than every other faction, her BBS is so powerful in constructed but in Gauntlet it’s game winning on it’s own.

i’ve had 12 wins way more as reva than as every other faction or general thanks to her constant threat BBS, i think she’s way too powerful in Gauntlet.

what do you all think? am i the only one feeling this way? i sure hope not.


I’ve think Faie is stronger than Reva, her BBS is very powerful too and it’s very easy to draft sufficient removal as Faie.


The problem with gauntlet is that ranged minions are too strong comparatively to their melee counterparts; they run away with a game easily because one in-position ranged minion begets more and more, with few factions having good answers.

I wouldn’t expect it to be fixed anytime because that would go against the entire point of a draft format, and I would also expect the new draft mode to devolve into the same meaningless race to stick a ranged minion.


you really understand what’s going on.


Agreed. Her BBS is really op in gauntlet now. The only thing we could do is to equip ourselves with answers, and Skorns :smiley:


But in gauntlet we often don’t get that option.
We get offered black locust, exun, or khymera.
Which are legendaries that are all not as useful as skorn.


Yep, I’ve been bitching about gauntlet Reva ever since she got released too. The ranged metagame of gauntlet makes gauntlet incredibly simplistic, boring and luck-based. One of the main problems with Reva’s BBS is that 1 If you don’t deal with it, you lose 2 If you do deal with it, Reva gainst card advantage (minus Sphere of Darkness). 9 out of 10 times this card-disadvantageous removal costs more than her BBS too. 1 mana 0 cards remove-or-lose threats are impossible to deal with it in gauntlet if paired with other ranged minions every turn. The worst thing is that nothing stops Reva from drafting stormmetal golems so while you hold on to your bloodtear, crossbones and own threats, you don’t mulligan for that big minion removal and get smashed by a non-ranged minion anyway. If Reva Ki Beholders turn 1 it’s also incredibly likely she will get out 4 and 5-drops first; usually you can’t even deny her front orb for a 5-drop unless you don’t answer Ki, which means you lose. Turn 1 Ki Beholder is the best play as player 2 in all of gauntlet in my opinion. Did I also mention that there is 0 risk attached to playing Reva’s BBS? Because you know, it’s 1 mana 0 cards. There is no reason not to play it when your mana allows you to, and then it can win you the game.


yeah so true.

@jkmaikhoi as if RNGod would give us such good cards in gauntlet.


Couldn’t you just play cassyva? Not being snippy here, just that her BBS literally shuts down Reva’s.

I don’t play gauntlet, so am only mildly aware of its meta


there is no meta in gauntlet it’s just raw stats and keywords. and the best keyword there is ranged.

i would love to just play cass and be done with it but what about ki beholders? and i don’t think abyssian generally gets amazing cards choice in gauntlet compared to songhai.


Usually they get lured/whipped onto creep or placed for face kill.

Again, dunno gauntlet, but just as reva experience.


you really make it sound easy lol


Kinda how it seems as a reva player going against cassyva :laughing:


haven’t even seen sphere of darkness once in my drafts as abyssian, i have seen lures though.

you see it’s simpler to handle reva in constructed because we have lots and lots of removal, in gauntlet? not so much.


List of Abyssian options vs ranged and Reva BBS

Cassyva BBS
Sphere of Darkness (+BBS for ki)
Lure, (+BBS or Creep/face for Ki or Widowmaker)
Ritual Banishing
Grasp of Agony and Cassyva BBS on Reva BBS for Ki beholders or widowmakers (usually they’re right on by their 1st turn, then get split after)
Inkhorn Gaze (+BBS for Widowmaker)
Breath of the Unborn
Shadow Nova, (+BBS for Ki)
Dark Transformation
Blood Tear Alchemist, (+BBS for Ki)

These are 10 possibilities to handle ki’s and widowmakers. I can imagine more difficulty in gauntlet, but I think this’d still end up being effective regardless of other removals because cassyva’s bbs hard counters reva’s, this leaves other cards to address other threats. Efficiency!


Imo Reva is slightly worse than Argeon, Faie and Vaath prepatch.

Her strength is also her downfall. Ranged is powerful in gauntlet, so everyone picks the counters for it as well.

But she is the most hated hero. Prepare for flames, if you play her :imp:


Yeah see you’re only gonna get like 2 of those, if you’re lucky. And even then, you’re only shutting down their threats. Besides, Cassyva is pretty garbage in gauntlet, Lilithe’s BBS is far more useful. Lilithe and Faie always win the long game


i disagree that cass BBS is garbage in Gauntlet XD pings can be game changer since people tend to trade up and leave their minion with 1 health, but yeah compared to reva’s BBS, cass BBS is like nothing.


Abyssian and Vetruvian are statistically the worst factions by far, and it’s not hard to see why.

Their deckbuilding requires cards that are all synergistic, and then they’re still of comparable strength to other factions where synergistic deckbuilding is not required. Getting a set of cards that might work in constructed simply would put you up to par in gauntlet as these factions.

To put it another way, would you want an Abyssal Juggernaut (which will never be bigger than 6/6), which is only useful if you’ve casted Ooz (a rare) or Abyssal Crawler (something which is horrible to play any turn but 1), or a Silverguard?


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