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I'm @alplod and I'm being kicked out of the game by BN

Could you expand on your history/knowledge of this having been a potential problem? Curious, cuz I would have had no reason to suspect any issue in anything along these matters.

@nwardezir be all like…

Nobody’s job is done here until we make enough noise to get a satisfactorily resolution. :muscle:


I’ve personally tried to reset my password as well, and it too redirected me to their “Europe” website…Then I find out its not even a European Website when I checked their URL.

This is stupid because I don’t even live near the continent, I’m from Oceania. It seems anything outside the “US” is called “Europe” to these people.

EDIT: Apparently there are a bunch of “Europe” websites now that I tried a google search.

PS: Accidentally deleted part of earlier post while editing


Eur-Right! :wink:

I do wish that the issue is resolved soon though. How else am I going to PWN foreign powers interact with people outside of my country?

Had hoped to come back to solid word from devs.

Also changing usernames sounds like a good idea, but… let’s give them untill friday or so?


Hey Alplod,

We apologize that the title you are inquiring about is not currently available in the area/country you mentioned. While it is always our intention to make our titles available to the greatest number of fans possible, legal obligations to our licensors as well as domestic and foreign laws and regulations, may limit our ability to make certain titles available in all areas/countries. In order to ensure our compliance with those obligations, from time to time, we may be required to stop publishing a title in certain areas/countries. Unfortunately, our support staff and community teams aren’t able to comment on the nature of the company’s legal obligations applicable to any particular title. However, if the title you mentioned was previously, but is not currently available to you, please feel free to share with us your concerns and we will forward your feedback to the appropriate internal contacts.


That is the response of a developer who legit wants to help the community but can’t because of a legal agreement. All I can say is that I hope this BN partnership wasn’t a mistake.


I took the liberty of translating that into English for our non-fluent community members. I’m sorry to see you guys in a pickle and hope you can get things sorted out this week even without talking about what’s going on.


Yep…wish it could be different, but that’s about as good a non-answer as you can expect right now. How unfortunate. :pensive:

I thoroughly enjoyed the translation, though.


Well, I kinda would like a refund for that 4200 diamonds I’ve bought recently, but I probably will get a same answer for that inquiry, so I’ll let it go.

Thanks for a responce anyway.

Love CPG.

Fuck BN.



I’m not sure how the system lets you purchase Diamonds if you’re not (apparently) legally allowed to play the game at all. That’s definitely worth following up imo. There’s going to be a record of you making a purchase, and the service is now forcibly removed from you. Not to mention the number of RU players we have that invested in the game, potentially about to be stopped from playing the game just like you.

The whole thing just sucks.


I bought them BEFORE i was banned.

Yeah, sorry I wasn’t clear there - what I meant was, that if you’re not allowed to play the game after BNEA took over, then they should also not accept any transactions.


That’s true. I will probably contact BN support for this.

But here my story is over, as it seems.

BTW, is there a place to find a full list of areas/countries, where duelyst is allowed\not allowed to be played?

I read the whole EULA and found nothing.



I do not understand this???


What is this? So they can at any time just stop allowing anyone from Iceland playing the game?

And then Austria?

And then the USA?

And then France?

And then Canada?

And then Australia?

What is this???

Can someone explain this because this sounds ridiculous.

What if there are people from Russia who have kickstarted this? That’s a great big middle finger then!

If you have invested hours, days, months, money, etc in a community like this you cannot just take that away!

I am so so so disappointed I really thought this would be fixed, I really thought.

Well, guess we need to execute those plans because this is not positive news, this is scary, and leaves me to wonder whether I can get kicked just because I live in X right after purchasing new orbs or w/e.

Very scary.


And also ask them to include all future disallowed areas and disallow dates… ridiculous!

I heard about region-locked games before which frankly in this day and age with connectivity is already absurd, but never ever ever have I heard about launching a title in a certain region and after people get invested and spent money then suddenly take it away.

I do not understand… why would a lawyer be involved? What is this?

As you say this is extremely scary.


This probably isn’t even bamcos fault. As thanatos said, if there were certain laws prohibiting certain things in games, it could prevent bamco from publishing the game there, which prevents people living there from playing the game. This whole thing is probably one big giant legal problem. Most probably there was some sort of new law regarding video games in russia preventing duelyst from being published there. What law this is or could be? I have no idea. Im just saying what I think the situation probably looks like.

This means that bamco and CPG’s hands are tied in this matter and nothing can really be done. Regions near USA will be fine due to CPG being located in USA (and its namco bandai entertainment america after all).

Some weird questions arise from this. How was alplod allowed to purchase orbs from the game if he shouldnt be able to play in the first place? Why did this whole thing only happen due to alplod having to reset his duelyst password?

This whole situation sucks a lot and it just simply doesn’t make sense in a lot of places.

Finally, I’m deeply sorry for what has happened to you @alplod/ @hulk12345. The way this whole thing went down is just so bizarre and I hope you get your money back, and maybe, (hopefully) one day the game will be able to be played in russia once again.