I'm a new player and i need advice


I just started playing duelyst like a week ago and as of now i’m still clueless on who to use. i like playing counteractive I prefer that to be my play style, but i want to ask if there are any good decks fitting for the job?


Define counteractive. Do you mean like a reactive playstyle where you try to eliminate their threats and prevent them from playing theirs primarily?


Yea, but i wouldn’t really say preventing them from using their skills. Maybe on the line of just taking down the big threats that are on the field which makes it very easy to counterattack.


KeeperMar is the way to go if you want reactive and fun play :smiley:


Heh thanks for the shout out. Although he is rather new and probably cant afford the legends for that. But I can throw together a budget list for him.


If you really can i would REALLY REALLY appreciate it so much


I might check this deck out and the cost of the cards, cause right now i got 700 spirits. Thanks a lot


Here is a super budget list

First expensive thing you want to get is Makantor Warbeast. Taygete is actually free once you own every core set blue rarity for magmar (conveniently this deck runs almost every blue rarity card so your most of the way their just by making it.)

From there pick up a single bounded lifeforce.

After that invest in playset of kron, since it will go in every deck you make ever. You can get one free keeper of the veil with the humble bundle:

But I would not put it in until you at least have your Mankators.


I really had a hard time picking a deck and making it fit my play style. But thanks to you i will be able to save a lot of spirit and enjoy the game :slight_smile:


@deathsadvocate … if i can ask is this deck good against an abyssian deck? i’v already built it the problem is the earth sister is still missing and i don’t mind it that much, in fact i like the play style buffing my creatures than having a lot of them out in the field that could leave me to a disadvantage.


It should not really have any bad match ups, although untill you round it out and get it closer to the actual deck it won’t have any great match ups either.

If you built the deck you should be very close to owning taygete the only core blue rares not in the deck are Kinetic equilibrium and unstable leviathan. Make those and you have your taygete. Who if abyss is giving you issues will help out with her aoe damage. Mankantor and Plasma are your primary aoe. Taygete is just a decent basicly free substitute who is good enough to maybe be in the deck anyways.

The deck certainly is not a swarm deck. But if that’s what you like I refer you to Pet Cemetary the third list here https://www.reddit.com/r/duelyst/comments/54oj6h/masochistic_jutsu_magmar_decklists/
But it is not really a control deck as you orginaly asked for, and it is certainly not budget.