I'm a new community blogger for Duelyst ^_^ (Edit: New site!)


Hey everyone! I started a blog for the community. It’s more of informal post about strategies, meta, non-meta, etc. Feel free to check it out!


hey zaladin, keep up the good work!

you sure tumblr is the best platform for your blog? I just read a post and wanted to add my two cents, however there was no commenting options…


I appreciate that feedback. I did choose a new host for it!


well depends on if you’d rather do things on your own or join a blogging community.

i’ve blogged once (not duelyst related) and had good experience with blogspot. great control over privacy settings, possibility for non registered users to comment. many options for layout and typeface and whatnot.

if you want to join another group and not worry about webdesign and moderating anymore, there is e.g. www.managlow.com or maybe http://turn1mystic.weebly.com/


Sober yet very classy, I like the visual, I’ll be sure to check it out when I have more time!


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