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Ilena's Trial (a Nemeton deck)

I finally got around to doing a writeup for my trial Ilena deck:

It’s partly inspired by Alphacentury’s fast Nemeton deck and Zohan’s artifact Ilena deck:

Before Zohan made the resonance scythe combo that we all know and love, he experimented with completing trial using Tigress, White Asp and walls. I thought to try and make the original idea work C:


Looks good, I can’t really tell how it works in practice.
What’s the win rate on it?

BTW - tell zohan someone did it first for a change XD


Now this looks fun. Too bad Scythe and more Gauntlets would clunk up the deck. Getting a few procs of Tigress with some 6/5 Cubs would be a game ending combo. Makes me wanna try out a Kara+Mentor deck with the stun components works in. Still sounds like it may have too many working parts.

Nice deck. Thanks for the post.


Snowshot - I’ve seen your deck too but I feel that it’s a completely different concept. :stuck_out_tongue: Yours is about ramping and buffing the walls, whereas mine is more about playing mind-games with the opponent and making tempo swings. (if they hit a wall, they flip the dowager; if their minion hits, it gets stunned and flips the yggdra. Or maybe my sentinel isn’t even the dowager but is actually the basilysk, and so on)

Tempo swings include plays like removing something with a white asp and generating a blazing spine. Or turning a gravity well into a 4/5 bear and sending it to kill something with 4 health. The overall concept is about being agile and adapting to the situation.

For how it works in practice, these were some recent games with it:

(at about 35mins into the video)

The older version of this deck had the same cards but in different proportions. I don’t remember all the changes I made exactly, but one change was cutting 3x frigid corona down to just 1, and adding in maximum aspects. These games were with the older version:

(at about 43 seconds in)

(at about 34mins in)

On ladder, it usually has a favorable winrate against wanderer or relatively slow decks and about a 50% winrate against aggro or fast combo decks. I’ve played it in Diamond and S many times.


Good to see more Nemeton. Here is my Nemeton deck.


Quite some similarities. Mines obviously not having Ilena stuff.
Really happy to see someone else use White Asp :smiley:.

How good is Ilena and Letigress in a Nemeton deck?


The tigress was originally inspired by Zohan xd

But I’ve also tried playing without tigress and found that the deck lacked answers to ripper eggs and heartseekers, so I put it back in. A rushing tiger cub or spellspark can also help to win quickly after trial completion.

Re: the choice of general, Kara’s buff doesn’t prevent walls from dying to tempest, sunriser or flamewreath combos, and Faie’s chip damage is really minor considering that this deck aims to win with ginormous things. Ilena is better for just stopping the enemy minion from hitting a token, which can buy the time needed to complete trial. There’s also some really nice synergy between the yggdras and trial completion.


It is a different concept.
As an answer to zohan experimenting with neneton by walls.

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