If you have to nerf daily win gold, make it 10g/2win instead of 15g/3 win

  • I would prefer to get 15 gold every 3 wins.
  • I would prefer to get 10 gold every 2 wins.

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Coming from Hearthstone, I really liked that Duelyst gave me a little gold every other win. After a win, I was either getting a 10g bonus, or I was one win away from a 10g bonus - it kept me going a lot because the gold trickles in so fast. It wasn’t about the amount of gold - 15, but the frequency, that kept me playing.

Thus, I suggest that if win gold needs to be toned down, make it 10g every 2 wins so that satisfying feeling is still there. It’s the same rate of gold: 5g/win, but gold every 3 wins feels like you are so far away from a reward after you complete the “quest”. I hope the rest of the community agrees, and this slight change can be made to the satisfaction of all.

On a side note, I’ll add that I am not happy about the quest restructuring. 8 games is a lot of time, and between working full-time, taking care of my family, and being a full-time student, I only have so much time to play matches in the evening. It was simple and satisfying to get my ~4 matches in every night to complete quests, and it didn’t strongly interfere with the rest of my life. Effectively doubling that time spent for max rewards is a frustrating and unwelcome change.

I consider myself a “hardcore” player, to be clear. I hit S-Rank every month (just hit it tonight with backstabhai again), I am very active in the community, and I have spent a healthy amount of money on this game. This change does not benefit me. It frustrates me.

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There’s nothing to complain about. Both reward systems offer 5 gold every win. If you have time for two games you probably have time for three, both offer the same reward at six games, and if you found time for eight games than you also probably have time nine. With removal of a reward cap on gold the 15 gold per three wins is more beneficial to anyone who plays more than nine games a day.

There’s no reason to complain about daily quest changes either. Even if larger reward quest take eight games to complete that isn’t any longer than completing two “4 wins with faction quests” from before.


I agree the frequency makes a big difference. Somethings you are only 5-10 gold away from 100 and are short on time. One more win makes all the difference. Why not go all the way simply let you have 5 gold for every win. It’s the most immediately rewarding system. That let’s players decide exactly how much time they want to play spend on the game to meet their player goals.


I honestly think they should have kept the 15 gold / 2 wins while removing the cap on daily earnings entirely. Duelyst was always one of the “more generous” card games and instead of creating an even better system for casual and hardcore players alike they took notes from hearthstone…

Duelyst already has a very limited playerbase to be greedy now will just scare off potential customers.


I totally agree with @fulgear88

One of the things that made me stick with duelyst over hearthstone was the generosity it had. It was always more rewarding to play duelyst than hearthstone. I even used it to convince players to try duelyst

They just nerfed the amount of gold rewarded for me each day, because I don’t have a lot of time between work and college and other stuff.
Playing about 6 games daily and getting a pack for it felt great. And yes, the patch has been up for 1 day but I feel less rewarded already and with time it could be the difference between I quitting the game or not.


You could also say how them being too generous means there’s no incentive to spend money on the game. In which case it doesn’t matter if the game attracts more players or not.

Fact is, they have their numbers and they’ve made the changes according to them hoping for specific results. Whether they achieve them or not will will apparent in patches way down the line.

For the time being, I’ll keep playing with the current system a bit more before voicing my opinions. It’s something that needs to be experienced first hand.


Completely agree with you OP. The 3 games are a huge difference, it may not matter to players that can grind a whole day, but considering I am a student myself, sometimes you just wanna “do your dailes” and not fall behind on the game. The 2 wins make the little you spend for progression (in terms of ladder, card collection etc) makes a huge difference. You dont expect a person with an already tight schedule to grind 3 games for some bonus gold and 8games+ for daily quests; just to make them “more active” in the game by increasing the time required to spend in the game and compensate it with more gold.


Being generous and killing your own pay has a very fine line for game developers. By removing the daily cap on gold earning (which already is generous considering how much you could grind for per day) removes the incentives for more hard core players to spend money on the game. True, spending money on a game does require one to like the game enough to want to support it, want to make faster progressions and people that just dont mind to spend at all for whatever reasons. But by removing the daily cap, it will remove part of their paying customers and in turn hurt their profits. No one likes greedy game devs (there are a loooooot nowadays), but doing something like that is kinda impractical and irrational from CPG’s perspective.


That’s a lot of assumptions that are not true


The people you’re talking about who really grind daily will most likely have most cards already , which is another problem of Duelyst in the first place. Duelyst is lacking a consistent stream of new players and the last thing they should do is to scare off the players who do invest some time to check out the game.

The removal of the daily cap will do absolutely nothing for casual players while the increase in wins required hits like a truck.

And this is not a big enough change to talk about “killing their pay” if they need more money they can resort to other means instead of hurting some of their playerbase. For example more skins or well battlemaps which they just added , at last you shouldn’t forget that earning gold is one thing and drawing legendarys out of packs is another.


Like I said, I agree with your first half of being generous, but have to disagree with removing daily limits. If you do remove the daily limit, even dedicated, hard core players that might spend a buck or two in upcoming expansions may really not need to spend at all entirely. But most of the time they still do just to support the game. To attract new players does not necessarily mean removing the daily limit entirely and go full on generous, instead they should have kept the 15g/ 2 wins. Or at least like suggested, make it 10g/2 win so people are not that discourage to play for 2 wins, instead of three. It’s not playing just 2 games, it’s 2 wins. It might be hard for new players and might even piss veterans off when they’re on a bad luck streak. It’s 10mins averagely each game, 3 wins would require at least ~30mins or more. 8 games would require ~1hour 20mins at least. It’s really insane considering this is the minimum time to efficiently progress in the game daily.


Fair enough i would be happy already if they go back to their old system 15g/2 wins + cap.


I think my biggest complaint is that tipping is no longer something I feel comfortable doing. Before, I would tip after pretty much every win–and I’d still make gold. Now tipping just means that I get no reward whatsoever. It’s a small gripe, but not one that should go unnoticed.


Make it 100 Gold/20 wins. =S


Considering that gold per win rewards stack (what i mean is that the counter doesn’t go back to zero wins at the end of a day), 10/2 and 15/3 is exactly the same, so… i don’t even.


but you have to play 3 games instead of 2 to get the gold. Think about the people who don’t have the time


From a mathematical perspective, it makes a lot of sense: with the same wins, you would get the same gold after one month. From a progression feeling perspective, however, the change sucks. Assume I have 90 golds and I want to buy my daily pack, because one pack per day is a reasonable goal and makes me feel I’m progressing my collection. Being one victory away from a pack is not like being two victories away. If I don’t have time for two games, I may end up missing my expected pack. Not a big deal for veterans, but think about new players…


asdfg. It doesn’t matter whether i play 3 games in one day or if i play 1 game a day, i still get fucking 15 gold for 3 wins.

@tsevech: that is a completly different point and might be pretty valid.


If it doesn’t matter, then why change it in the first place? Why oppose changing it back?


It used to be 15/2 not 10/2.