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If you don't have 9000iq don't play these decks


No no no

This is not tokens this is bad


It’s called flexing. In fact I’m sure most people will concede once they see that you only use legendary minions. Some may even tip you five gold, which you will promptly refuse and shove back into their poor faces.


Ohh right, everything is legendary lol

Didn’t recognize it


Ahh, 12 5-drops, the optimal amount :stuck_out_tongue:


The optimal turn one play, yes?


No, you cannot play Ragnora because he will be removed in the next update, and all Ragnora players will be banned for abusing and killing the game. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

CPG/BN are you out there?


Meaning never :sweat:


Oops! All Win-conditions!


Is this bad that I want to play all of these decks?


Yes it is

15reasons why not to play any of em


What freaks me out more than the fact that A ragnora deck can have all magmar win conditions in it(ragnora included), is that it may actually be viable. shivers


Leaving it here for if one day i have the dust to do it, but:

BBShidai, RNG manipulator.


I haven’t tried its, but it could be evil…


doesnt work
i tried


maybe it needs crypto?


its not that
you are simply too slow


what league are you in? im in silver so i could probably get it off


Maybe because you dont have 9000 IQ… kappa


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