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If you don't have 9000iq don't play these decks


What do I look at? 10000000iq unlocked?


Lyonar, you commit to the yellow so you cant lose. Next level play


Absolute madman


How come there is a Lillith, a Shadowdancer and a Furiosa in this Maehv deck that just runs Gate and Xor? :thonk:


I guess that’s where you need to put them iqs to work…


I call BS on that Xor deck.

Buildings are tokens, and cannot be revived by releaser. Also, if you revive a building, it’s counter resets.

The only way to get minions is with inkhorn gaze, which you only have 2 of.

Did you accidentally get cadence and mindlathe mixed up?


Win your way to ass rank by moving and stunning your opponents to death with this trillion iq deck


Let me try too! :slight_smile:


The key to getting Xor out would be Consuming Rebirth, Blood Echoes and Abhorrent Unbirth. The sacrifice and revive a minion spells.

You have inkhorn gaze and buildings (before built) as targets. If lucky you might even get a GOR :blush:.
Releaser should be able to revive inkhorn batte pets.

What happens to buildings being reborn? Does the turn counter change or instantly become a Gate?

Your opponent can always donate some minions :laughing:.
The likes of Komodo Hunter, Marauder and Spriggin.
I guess Pandatentiary works as well.
Have I missed any donation cards?

If you get a Gate built you can get minion fodder. Sacrifice something once or kill an opponent’s minion.

I have to say that Xor deck is too complex for mere mortals. Requires too much IQ :tired_face:.


Buildings are tokens. Tokens don’t get revived.


It’s so easy to win with that deck. You just need to move and stun stuff for long enough for you to mill them to death. :smiling_imp:

It even counters MERGMR by not having minions to delete!

Tier 0 :+1:t2:




Tested in Sandbox mode.
Consuming Rebirth and Blood Echoes works on tokens.
Building counter resets :neutral_face:.

Tokens don’t get added to the ‘grave’ so can’t be revived.
Guess you should consider Rebirth and Echoes as temporary gone from board and summoned back than a proper revival.


… I told you so.

Btw, inkhorn usually gives you token pets, so that’s even less to revive.


I assumed that because buildings are tokens, they wouldn’t get revived, and instead the releaser would just directly spawn a gate. But I guess I’m wrong. Would’ve been a cool interaction though.


It will never spawn a Gate, because built Gates can’t die and thus won’t enter the graveyard (and yep buildings are tokens while building).


Vortex spam:

Infinite Burrowers:



Swarm Queen Lilith

39 legs


@excogitator maybe better?

The army is coming…

Make your opponents Panddead with this deck.

Advanced Spellhai

 Not quite the same... But whatever works I suppose


WHAT da HELL is THIS ilena SHIT?