If You could change three cards, what would they be?


I would change:

Lantern Fox
3 mana 2/4,
whenever this takes damage, add a 2 mana spell that deals 3 damage to minions only to your hand

Reasoning: this keeps the card draw and the ability to trade extremely well but takes away the ability to single ha deadly deal 8-13 damage consistently.

Siphon Energy
1 mana spell
Dispel a minion. Restore health to your general equal to the number of lines of text in that minion’s description

(for example, heart seeker has one line of text and lantern fox has 3)

Reasoning: For a slower faction, Vetruvian is severely lacking in ranged removal and healing. This does both while adding some Vetruvian flavour (using the enemy’s strength against them). At worst, you get 0 health back. At best, you get 4.

3 mana 3/4
At the end of your turn, both players draw a card.

This way, it is like a blaze hound that keeps giving. Your opponent gets to use their extra card first but since you were the one who first played it, the draws would probably benifit you more.


Siphon Energy remake sounds super interesting. It is incredibly creative, and kinda makes sense a little, but I don’t think basing the health on the number of text lines is a good mechanic. A little bit of reliable healing would be nice for Vetruvian though.

I had previously though of something like:

Siphon Energy
3(?) Mana Spell
Dispel+ Gain mana equal to the cost of the minion you are targeting.

Again, not really the best mechanic in my opinion, but if you Siphon the Energy off of Pandora the infinite magical wolf generator, you should definitely have a net gain of energy, rather than just costing 0 and adding nothing.


Inner focus

Mana cost increased from 0 to 1.

Do I really need to explain myself here? CPG even acknowledged the fact how Rush is too strong by nerfing Kara Tigers and SotW yet they don’t change the most problematic card in the bunch? What?


Mana cost increased from 0 to 1.

Turns out how the setup required for this card to be super effective isn’t that hard to accomplish after all. Due to IF, often all the setup you need is actually having an enemy minion on the board. What should I do, not play any minions in order to play around the card? This one is obviously influenced by the existence of Katara but I’d rather nerf the card that enables her to work so well rather then Katara herself.

Mist Dragon Seal

Mana cost increased from 1 to 2.

When I think of this card, I always assume it’s 2 mana and get really weirded out when I remember it’s actually 1. How is not giving +1/+1 extra stats compared to the Magmar’s version of a cheap buff card enough to justify giving it ability to position a minion anywhere on the map? Especially considering how much the faction benefits from it and from cheap spells in general?

Yes, I am extremely biased. Yes, I don’t care.


9 Mana 12/12
Frenzy, Opening Gambit:
"Deal 12 damage to ALL nearby Minions. Deal damage to Dreadnaught equal to twice the number of minions destroyed. "

Just switch it’s original effect to low cost high health minion, it will make EggMar archetype work. Dreadnaught is supposed to BIG, POWERFUL and EXTREMELY EPIC when it’s summoned, a late game finisher for our green dinosaurs. Or at least it a short ranged board wipe. We all know we want this :wink:.

Flaming Stampede
8 Mana Spell
"All friendly minions gain +3 Attack and can move 1 additional spaces."

The current card is absolute trash. This actually fits with its name and enforces the faster-game=better-the-fun theme of Duelyst. This enables Maggro or Midrange to close out the game with an established board.

Inquisitor Kron
5 Mana 4/5
Just remove the forcefield prisoner and lower its life to 5.


Lower its life to 5, remove forcefield prisoner and allow it to summon in-faction keywords prisoners for extra fun and memeyness, for example:
Grow: +1/+1
Backstab: (1)
Infiltrator: Reveal a random card in the opponent’s hand until this minion dies.
Dying wish: Summon 1/1 Damned Spirit



Make the prisoners battle pets. Why the hell would they listen to you? You aren’t their warden.


Actually Flaming Stampede is theoretically quite good combined with Morin Khur (who knew it was actually a Mongolian horsehead fiddle). I made a deck to use this, but haven’t drawn the combination yet :stuck_out_tongue: (I have one of each).


What? That combo is not only nigh impossible to pull of, it doesn’t change the fact that Stampede is only 5 dmg global aoe for 8 Mana that also hits your general for 5.


Well, you didn’t specify what type of card to change so, here’s my Starhorn rework !

Starhorn :
Draw two cards on your next turn.

Good enough iMO.

Unseven :
Dying Wish : Summon a minion with Dying Wish from your deck

I think he needs a little buff to his stats, 2/4 isn’t that good for 4 mana. And his effect is a bit too niche for me.
And, come on, it’s a Legendary but I really don’t see what’s stopping me from DEing it, it’s not good.

Prophey of the White Palm :
Prevent all spell damage.

If SpellHai bothers you, this would be the ultimate counter.


3 Mana, 3/3
Your General takes no damage this turn.

Removing the “gains +2 Attack” to make him balanced.

Wild Inceptor
4 Mana, 3/3
Hatch a friendly Egg. All minions in your action bar gain Rebirth.

I really want more Rebirth minions.

Flaming Stampede
5 Mana
Deal 5 damage to all non-Rebirth minions.

Reducing absurdly high cost. Synergy with new Wild Inceptor.

Out of band:
Give Veteran Silithar old stats or riot!


3 Mana 3/3
Your general gains +2 attack this turn and ignores the first 2 damage it takes.
This would stop it from removing bigger minions with Sajj bbs/artifacts at no cost, you would still take some damage. I also think it is kinda ridiculous how you can ignore for example Aymara’s dying wish text with Falcius, just a fix.

For Pax I think it should only spawn one Dervish, it’s too much value right now and its 1 health isn’t even a weakness, because killing it on your own turn with Bloodtear/Skorn effectively gives the Dervishes rush.

Flaming Stampede
8 Mana spell
Deal 3 damage to all enemies and give +3 attack to all allied minions.
Basically combined AoE clear + finisher, kinda unique imo. This represents a stampede better I think, I also had an idea of giving frenzy to minions but that could be kinda broken.

Also, make Veteran Silithar great again BibleThump!


Bloodrage mask- 3 Mana , whenever you cast a spell deal one damage to enemy general restore one health to your general.

Too strong of a card. At 3 makes it more punishing when it is removed yet at the same time still increases the reward for the player if they protect it

Pantheran - 6 mana 6/6 Casting Scion’s first wish reduces the cost by 1, Casting Scion’s second wish reduces the cost by 2, Casting Scion’s third wish reduces the cost by 3. Multiple casts of the same spell do not reduce cost.

Gives Vetruvian a reason to play the card. When you run all 3 wishes by the time you play all 3 your hand is running low on cards and you will probably only have 1 pantheran in hand. 1 free 6/6 is not worth weakening your entire deck. This makes it more consistent, if you can get it down to 3 or 4 it is playable

Scion’s Third Wish - 3 mana Give a friendly Dervish minion +3/+3 and Flying. If it is a wind dervish it no longer disappears but loses flying at the end of your turn.

Makes it slightly stronger. To be honest it’s a very playable card but I would like more ways of dealing with ranged threats whilst allowing me to continue to develop board.


Siphon energy:
Same as it was pre-patch but with cost 1 instead, so it is nerfed but still useful.

Tusk boar:
Increase it’s cost to 3 so it doesn’t OTK you with meld and can’t be played on turn 1 as p1 to grab the mana tile.

Lantern fox:
3 mana 3/2
Adding 1 phoenix fire is bad enough for the player facing it. Added 1 atk so songhai mains wouldn’t whine about “killing the card” and the “game being stale” and yadda yadda


Let’s try something different than nerfs to meta cards :smile:

Zurael, The Lifegiver
Opening Gambit: Summon all non-token friendly minions destroyed on your opponent’s last turn on a random space nearby.

  • cost/stats adjustment

Zurael is expensive and requires a solid setup. It could be a win condition for value-focused decks if it didn’t have such a big variance.

6 mana, 5/5 (?)
Dying Wish: Summon the last minion with Dying Wish that died this game.

Big changes here:

  • doesn’t eat your action bar
  • not so useless when dispelled
  • no longer a pseudo-ramp
  • no randomness
  • opponent can play around the effect

Opening Gambit: Push ALL nearby units to random spaces away from your general.

  • nerfed stats, maybe 8 mana?

Another fun card that you don’t want to play because you can’t rely on the effect.
What I mean by ‘away’: if you stand in a corner, enemies are pushed to the other side of the map, if you stand in the center, they’re moved to corners etc.

btw I do love greedy cards


I would change

1.Wild inceptor to Rebirth minion and 3 cost.That would fix eggmar

2.Vindicator would be changed to 3/3 and work like Visionar which would great help Starhorn

3.I would change Ziran bbs to heal herself one health.


4.I would change 3rd wish to give flying and 3 health to any minions but dervish get 3 attack/3 health.


That might be awkward in a non-English version of the game.


It would be cool if it was 4/5 provoke you can only control your prisonors as long as inquisitor kron is on the field. When inquisitor kron is destroyed all prisoners attack at random. I dont mean battle pet i mean attack everything. Like a prison break


Psionic Strike - Deals double damage to minions and prevent 2 damage to your general this turn.

Spine Cleaver - Mana cost 5 > 4

Mirage Master - Copy a minion (previously only copies enemy minions).


Wind Slicer- Sillhouette Tracer-like effect. Either allowing you to move through units as though you own them, or just kindof skip across a few cells with your General.

Sand Trap- Into some sort of splash/line damage spell so that Vet can actually just “deal” with things instead of having to lean on dispels (a tempo oriented answer.)

Artifact Hunter- Change effect to “when Artifact Hunter is replaced”, Opening Gambit, gains +1 ATK for each artifact equipped, 2/5.


Artifact Hunter - do you mean something like “this card is always replaced with an artifact”?


“When you replace this card, add an artifact card to your action bar”

The artifact is free, you’re still replacing the Artifact Hunter. It’s an Aethermaster engine for building your handsize and offsets the card disadvantage that comes with many artifacts.


Seeking eye: You and your opponent draw a card, you may replace an additional card this turn.

Astral crusader: give it flying.

Mirror meld: If you cast this on a tusk boar, deal 25 damage to your general.