If you could buff one card from each factions, which ones would you choose


This post was inspirered by the recent post about merging faction cards, and lots of people in that thread said they’d rather more buffs than nerfs to balance the game. So I made this thread to find out exactly what buffs people want :slight_smile:


Sand Sister Saon deserves to be stronger. She looks too cool to only give a mere +1 attack, which is a pretty lame ability compared to the Sisters that actually see play.


Probably making night fiend a 4/4 he’s a cool card but 5 mana 3/3 it’s so bad


Nightsorrow assassin. 3 mana for a 2/1 that kills a minion nobody will miss FeelsBadMan


Magnetise is such a cool card. If it would draw a card it would be quite good, since it can be asily countered.


Nice! Here I go.

Abyssian - Wraithling Fury
I really really like the idea of Wraithlings, and I like the idea of hulking them out! The targeted Wraithling gets this really cool new sprite and I just love the flavor of it to death. Sadly, with Grasp of Agony, Soulshatter Pact and even Soul Grimwar around this card really just lacks the impact necessary to shine! The problem, I feel, is a lack of card draw, but a simple “effect + draw” seems too strong to me. So instead, how about a little “If at least two friendly minions were destroyed this turn, draw a card.” condition to spice things up! Wraithling revenge! Subject to balance testing ofc but you get the idea.

Lyonar - Lysian Brawler
Poor Lysian Brawler is so close to being good, all it needs is a little bit of Health to let it survive. I think just changing it into a 3/5 would help it out immensely and give it an actual shot at seeing play beyond Bronze.

Magmar - Dreadnought
Poor Dreadnought, I really don’t know how I’d fix it, just that I really wish for Egg players that this card would get pushed. Maybe the problem is Makantor Jesus rather than this card though.

Songhai - Ace
Ace is a turtle. It shouldn’t be able to move. Boom fixed. Serously though, Ace would be a lot better if it wasn’t able to move, so let’s do that. It might still not see play, but it’d be a start.

Vanar - Mesmerize
Having a card that allows you to move your opponent’s General is amazing, especially at 1 Mana. How many plays are centered around the position of Generals? However, this card is really bad for card advantage and as a result it doesn’t see play. This might just be a case where the right deck for it just doesn’t exist yet, but I’m not so sure. We could just make this cantrip, or lower its cost to 0 Mana, but maybe there’s a cool condition we can come up with too.

Vetruvian - Windstorm Obelysk
This thing is actively bad for Obelysk decks because it doesn’t allow Wind Dervishes to suicide themselves into the enemy! Instead, it should give all friendly Dervish minions and +1 Movement. Now thát’s powerful.

Neutral - Astral Crusader
I really like Arcanysts, and I really like Astral Crusader. I’ve been holding onto the copy I drew from an Orb in like the first week I started playing in the hopes that it would become useful someday! Sadly, that hasn’t happened, but fear not! AC’s effect should be applied to áll other AC’s in the deck, and in addition it should have Opening Gambit: Put two Astral Warps into your action bar.

Astral Warp
Neutral, Spell
1 Mana
Teleport a friendly minion one space. This card cannot be replaced.

Astral Warp helps enable all kinds of Arcanyst shenanigans and the effect is actually useful for moving things towards or away from combat. In addition it doesn’t function as unfair card advantage. Prismatic Illusionist, Owlbeast Sage and The Scientist all lóve Astral Warp. They’re pretty sick in a Songhai deck too. Also, Onyx Jaguar, anyone?

The thread where we take a look at bad cards and say why they are bad

yeah i agree 100% with you


I love the thought behind this topic. It’s actually a fantastic exercise in card design/balance. I’ll throw together and update a list of cards that see very little-to-no play in Constructed, and then I’ll try (with I’m sure great difficulty) to only pick one from each faction. :slight_smile:


Sky Burial: Cost 3 → 2

  • DoS introduced a lot of design redundancy, and this change would be an effort to distinguish this card from Martyrdom (and thus bolster Constructed playability).

Auryn Nexus: “Give a friendly minion +3 Health.” → Give a friendly minion Zeal: Gains +4 Health.

  • (1) Improve and open up design-space for Zeal synergies (2) Improve health benefit to bolster the card seeing any play at all (but counter-balance via the dependence on Zeal).

Sunstone Templar: Cost 2 → 4; Stats (1/4) → (3/5)

  • As a 2-drop, this is plainly out-performed by Azurite Lion and Windblade Adept. Moving it to a different Cost/Stat bracket may allow its ability to shine.

Ironcliffe Heart: “Transform a friendly minion into an Ironcliffe Guardian.” → At the end of your next turn, summon an Ironcliffe Guardian nearby your General.

  • Again, DoS brought too much design redundancy, and this would be an effort to actually distinguish the card while reducing its drawback (4 mana + “sacrificing” a minion). Instead, here you pay 4 mana for an Ironcliffe Guardian that is effectively Stunned and not Airdropped. For Zoo/Tempo Lyonar, it fits much better than a regular Ironcliffe Guardian (thus hopefully bolstering/better defining the archetype).


Artifact Defiler: “Destroy all artifacts on the enemy General.” → “Destroy all enemy artifacts. Draw a card for each artifact destroyed” OR “Destroy an enemy artifact. Draw a card for each of its durability.”

  • This sees (and has seen) no play, as multiple artifact-usage is virtually nonexistent. Adding a card draw element would encourage its use above Rust Crawler, and could therefore turn it into an interesting tech card in an artifact-heavy meta.

Saberspine Seal: ???

  • The nerf has left this card extremely redundant, as it simply acts as a strictly more restrictive (i.e. worse) Phoenix Fire now. That said, I struggle to see an obvious buffing route without reworking the card entirely. I’ll come back to this one later.

Jade Monk: ???

  • Significant design redundancy with Battle Pando. I think this would require a similar rework. I’ll come back to it later.

Ace: Add “Cannot move” OR “Can only move one space.”

  • A rather obvious and prevalent suggestion. I don’t see the drawback of at least testing this buff amongst a faction minion that sees no play. Non-or-limited movement also feels flavorful due to the whole :turtle: thing. :smile:

Sworn Sister Alkyone: “Spells you cast that deal damage deal +1 damage.” → “Whenever one of your spells deals damage, add a Mana Vortex to your action bar.”

  • Another issue of DoS’s design redundancy: Crescent Spear simply eclipses this card. Thus, a rework entirely. Given Mana Vortex’s heavy nerf, why not now integrate it via ‘two birds, one stone’?
  • Now that I think about it, I might like Mist Walking even more as the generated card (further bolstering Spellhai/Controlhai playstyles).

Mist Walking: “Teleport your General up to 2 spaces.” → "Teleport your General up to 3 spaces. Your General cannot attack this turn.

  • This buff would bolster the Controlhai/Spellhai playstyles by giving them a more effective escape tool (and supporting spell synergies) while also counter-balancing concerns of Mask of Shadows abuse.

Mask of Shadows: “Your General gains Backstab (4).” → “Your minions with Backstab gain Celerity.”; Cost 2 → 4

  • This card has seen no play since the nerfs to both it and Mist Walking. In all honesty, I think the fundamental concept behind the design is flawed. The ability to set-up a Backstab situation for your own General is both very rare and risky (as the artifact will likely be gone by next turn if you’re right next to the enemy General and their minions). Given the high risk and rarity, the pay-off needs to be incredibly high, which it is not. However, if you make the reward too high, then you lend gameplay to highly polar, non-interactive outcomes. Thus, I would argue for a rework entirely.
  • That said, I’m very uncertain of the suggested change. I wanted to go the angle of bolstering the BackstabHai archetype, but I’m not sure if this would be the way to go about it (especially the cost). I’ll certainly revisit it later.

To be continued!


Made a thread about this in context to Vet after the Siphon nerf.

As far as neutrals go, I actually feel like Sun Seer could use a bit of a buff, whether it be by making the healing surge for 3, or by giving her another point of ATK or Health. Probably Mogwai as well?


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